The essence of mining is to give the platform the ownership step to the trader's long-term feedback behavior.

The essence of mining is to give the platform the ownership step to the trader's long-term feedback behavior.

On May 24th, the “FT Public Link and Ecology Presentation and FCoin First Anniversary Community Congress” jointly hosted by the FT Public Chain Team and Consensus Lab was held in Hong Kong. FCoin founder Zhang Jian delivered a keynote speech entitled "FCoin's Road to Community."

Zhang Jian said that the development path set by FCoin from the beginning is not the development path of traditional companies, nor is it a shareholder in the traditional sense. The ecology of FT is far from being an exchange. In the past year, FCoin has been practicing community. The first community referendum was completed in August last year, and a total of five issues have been completed. The most important thing for FT in the practice of the CIS economy is “sustainable mining”. The essence of mining is to gradually give the ownership of the platform to the trader's long-term feedback behavior. The true value of a trading platform is mainly derived from the trader, not the trading system, website, client, nor the creator, operation team, or early investors of the platform. The launch of “sustainable mining” is to practice FCoin “to make traders the original heart of the real owner of the trading platform”.

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