Identifying indicators such as the property status of borrowers by means of artificial intelligence blockchain technology

Identification of indicators such as borrower property by artificial intelligence blockchain technology

On May 24th, People's Daily published the article "Consumer Finance must go to chaos and take the right path." The article said that consumer finance has created and expanded the economic endogenous power of consumption to a certain extent.

However, in the continuous expansion of consumer finance in recent years, there have also been many off-track deviations and missed targets. In response to the chaos of consumer finance, the regulatory authorities have continued to take measures in recent years. Governing consumer finance chaos depends on institutional design and mechanism regulation

First, while controlling the license plate, we should speed up the construction of credit information infrastructure, establish a reasonable and effective regulatory framework for consumer finance business, and give appropriate guidance on loan interest rates and loan quotas;

Secondly, through financial technology means to strengthen the appropriate management of credit demand side, relying on artificial intelligence, blockchain technology to create a sensitive identification mechanism for the financial borrower's property income, debt status and other indicators, and based on this reasonable credit, To isolate the financial risks of high leverage;

Furthermore, on the basis of establishing a joint disciplinary system for the untrustworthy, it is necessary to inform the work unit of the untrustworthy situation, and publicize it on the online platform and related media to construct a loan and consumption order. Good financial atmosphere.

More importantly, it is necessary to conduct targeted consumer education for young consumers through university classrooms, online media, and dining and entertainment venues, and guide them to develop behavioral preferences for reasonable borrowing and rational consumption. (New Finance)

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