The 63-year-old woman is not far away from the pyramid scheme to sell the bad IPFS mining machine game.

"Young man, Shenzhen pressure is so big, do you want to buy a mining machine to mine? Guaranteed to earn a profit." Zhang Qi (pseudonym), who is listening carefully, was stunned by the shoulders. He turned his head in disbelief and found An old lady with gold earrings and a bead on her neck was looking at him with a smile.

Zhang Qi is participating in the 2nd Shenzhen International Blockchain Technology and Application Conference in 2019. He looks at the old lady's dress, and she is estimated to be touching the legendary "african coin aunt".

"What mining machine?" Zhang Qi could not help but curiously asked.

The old lady laughed and said nothing, pointing her finger at the sponsor's background board on the side of the venue. Zhang Qi followed the direction and found that it was a promotional advertisement of Huaye Blockchain (China) Co., Ltd.

(Selling a pyramid mining machine aunt is shooting Huaye blockchain advertising)

“Is IPFS heard? Subverting HTTP's next-generation Internet protocol, it represents the future of the blockchain.” The old lady continued to introduce with confidence, “IPFS is called Filecoin, and in the future it will completely replace Bitcoin. Hundreds of coins, thousands of coins."

See Zhang Qi half-sudden, the old lady urged, "September Filecoin main network is on the line, and now buy a mining machine in the morning car, the first batch must be a big profit, late did not have to sell."

Zhang Qi tempted and asked, "Where to buy?"

"Of course, look for me." The old lady opened WeChat and pulled out the chat record. "I have sold it to a dozen people. I have developed a subordinate and there are rich rewards. You will also recommend it to others in the future. You see that the old man in front is my. subordinate."

Zhang Qi looked up and found a white-haired old man in the front seat turned his head and looked at him up and down. "Would you bring him to visit the Guangzhou headquarters?"

"Required, report to the boss, I have run all over the past sixty-three, the young man is still young, definitely have to go." The old lady patted Zhang Qi's back.

"Where are you from?"

"Tianjin, we are here to attend the conference. By the way, Huaye Group organized us to visit the headquarters."

"You are still developing the offline, will not be engaged in pyramid schemes?"

"You don't understand, this is called direct sales. Only the Huaye Group can do direct sales in the country."

"Filecoin is not on the exchange yet. How do you know that it will surpass Bitcoin?"

"I told you that IPFS will subvert the entire Internet and defeat HTTP's Internet dominance. Who can't surpass Bitcoin?"

See Zhang Qi questioned, the old lady's tone was smashed, and her face flashed with anger. Zhang Qi is a word.

At this time, David Hung, vice president of Huaye Blockchain, gave a speech and the audience cheered. Zhang Qi turned and found that the audience of Liu Qicheng had lifted the phone to take pictures, and the aisles on both sides of the venue had already been filled with middle-aged aunts and uncles.

In this 2019 CITE Expo hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Shenzhen Municipal Government, a pyramid selling organization selling IPFS mining machines packaged a corner of the pavilion in an attempt to endorse the official website.

In fact, IPFS (Star File System), which is known as the next-generation Internet underlying protocol, has been receiving much attention since its inception, but the Filecoin main network, the blockchain project as its incentive layer, has gradually become unsuccessful due to delays. Hot spots for hype.

"Filecoin's main network is still in the testing stage, and the IPFS mining machines currently on the market are useless." IPFS/Filecoin China evangelist Dong Tianyi said in an interview with the interchain pulse that the current market is selling IPFS mines. The machines are all gimmicks. After the Filecoin main online line, the tokens dug by these mining machines are useless.

So, how does the IPFS mining machine scam in the Huaye blockchain work? How is the high-profile IPFS mining being played by the MLM organization? The interchain pulse has been thoroughly investigated.

The pyramid scheme of Huaye blockchain

According to Zhang Qi’s chat with the old lady’s WeChat on the inter-chain pulse, the new user’s purchase of the Huaye blockchain mining machine must fill in the information through a designated website.

(Source: Hualian International official website)

Mutual chain pulse login found that the website does not have any information, each new user registration will automatically generate a membership card number, but the purchase of Huaye Group's IPFS mining machine must have recommenders and resettlers, otherwise it can not be purchased.

Not only that, the inter-chain pulse inspection Huahua blockchain company found that it has no official website, and there is no physical product and performance introduction of IPFS mining machine. However, when the IPFS product is selected on the registration page, there are four different price points. From 5,600 yuan to 504,000 yuan.

(Hua Ye blockchain IPFS product price)

"After payment, I will give you an account password. The mining machine will be directly managed by you. It will be managed by Huaye Group. You don't have to take it home, you just lie down and make money." One sells Huaye blockchain mining machine. Aunt boasted to the chain of the chain, "IPFS+Filecoin will become the coin king of the blockchain 3.0 era, ahead of schedule, the purchase of IPFS mining machine will have a greater chance to get the first wave of dividends, continue to wait and see the opportunity to miss ""

This means that users pay for the so-called mining machine, they can't see the physical products at all, they can only see the growth of virtual assets in the account.

(Source: Hualian Gome offline promotion meeting)

According to the introduction of the above-mentioned aunt, the digital assets of the mining machine of Huaye Block Chain are called ABT (US Bank Pass). After purchasing the mining machine of Huaye Block Chain, a certain proportion of SKB will be given, and SKB will follow The source and co-calculation methods are enlarged by 6 times and 15 times respectively, and after the calculation of the warehouse, 20% of the SKB can be used for shopping in the mall, and the other 80% can be used for recharge, shopping malls and holding transactions ABT.

In addition to the so-called ABT US Bank Pass, the Huaye Blockchain has also created the Equity Pass (CFT), Real Estate Pass (JJT), Mine Pool Pass (IPT), Travel and Pass (CUT) and E-Commerce. The five major sub-certification systems, including the ECT, claim to create an economic environment of internal and external circulation.

(Hua Ye Blockchain Pass Economic Ecology)

According to David Xuan, the vice president of Huaye Blockchain and the CEO of Hualian Gome, who is often on the line, in addition to the Huaye blockchain company, Guangdong Hualian Gome and Guangdong Huaye Cloud, Huaye Elephant, Yiwu Mall and many other companies cover shopping, real estate, supply chain and other fields.

(Hua Ye Blockchain Vice President, Hualian Gome Executive President David)

A WeChat exchange group called “Hua Ye Group Lifelong Business Group” is the main place for “Auntie” to brainwash newcomers. Not only does it promote the benefits of IPFS mining machines every day, but also share the so-called Huaye at high frequency. Leader's speech video and course recording.

According to the 73rd anti-transmission manager's list of reports and complaints issued by the anti-MLM on December 30, 2018, Hualian Gome has been listed as a suspected pyramid scheme or illegal fundraising act.

(Source: Anti-MLM, Anti-Communication Alliance)

This "offline development and offline + frequent brainwashing" model has already caused many victims to "enter the pit."

(Source: Baidu Post Bar)

Mutual chain pulse found that many victims in Baidu Post Bar were exposed. Hualian Gome used blockchain and virtual currency concepts to make money. Some victims now claim that they have been cheated for hundreds of thousands of yuan.

In fact, the blockchain is not the first stop for Huaye Group to develop MLM organizations. Mutual chain pulse review public information found that Hualian Gome had previously sold the Cordyceps King Oral Liquid, Ginseng Yuan, Sexual Fear and other health care products and water purifiers in the MLM mode. The target population is basically middle-aged and elderly. More victims are aware of the news. "(Hua Lian Gome) was called Wutong World Union a year ago, but when I contacted Wutong World Union a year ago, I found that it was also the name of the change. It basically belonged to a name. A wave of people."

(Source: Know)

In addition, Huaye Group's pyramid scheme "Hua Ye Lianzhong" and Xiaoxiang Health "original stocks" scams have already been filed, and the IPFS mining machine is just another pyramid scheme that is re-applied in the blockchain field.

Why is the IPFS mining machine a disaster-stricken area?

In fact, it is not only the Huaye Group that sells the pyramid mining machine under the name of IPFS.

Recently, the "Snail Star Server" developed by Henan Chain Xin Technology Co., Ltd., which was recently exposed by the media, also digs the header of IPFS token Filecoin, and sells the miner. The amount involved is as high as 2 billion yuan.

According to the incomplete statistics of inter-chain pulse, there are at least 30 companies that sell IPFS mining machines on the market at present. There are many IPFS clouds with slogans such as “IPFS Recruitment” and “Real-name Registration Free Delivery”. The mining machine is also used by MLM organizations to pull people's heads and develop the down-line.

"The concept of IPFS can be used by anyone, but the IPFS mining machine users sold by these manufacturers are now useless, and they still have to wait for the Filecoin main online line to see the situation." Dong Tianyi said to the inter-chain pulse that there are currently on the market. A small number of miners have access to Filecoin's test network, but it's hard to tell, and the specific identification depends on the core code.

Dong Tianyi revealed that Filecoin's main network test phase has encountered several difficulties at present, and the online may not be so fast. The fastest estimate is to wait until the end of this year.

Then, as a highly anticipated star project, why is the IPFS/Filecoin mining machine a disaster-stricken area for MLM?

Mutual Chain Pulse found that on August 29, 2018, Filecoin officially published the "FileCoin 2018 Q1 & Q2 Update" work report, according to the project roadmap disclosed by the report: Filecoin plans to be in the fourth quarter of 2018 to 2019 The test network was launched in the first quarter, and qualified early miners were invited to participate in network testing. Under the premise of determining the stability and security of the network, Filecoin's main network is scheduled to start in the second to third quarter of 2019.

At that time, the market of the currency continued to fall. At the same time, a large number of false projects such as pyramids and air coins were exposed and run by the media. For a large number of MLM organizations, the mode of issuing money for pyramid schemes has long been unsustainable, and the launch of the Filecoin test network is undoubtedly An exciting news.

Since the end of the third quarter of 2018, a number of false cooperation projects in the name of IPFS mining machines, IPFS wallets, etc. have emerged. Since the operators of the IPFS/Filecoin project are far away overseas, IPFS has become a public sales organization of the domestic MLM organization. Deceived packaging outerwear.

(Filecoin official website release statement screenshot)

In December 2018, Filecoin official realized the seriousness of the problem and issued a statement on community fraud prevention in mainland China and Hong Kong. However, this statement did not play much role, and the IPFS pyramid mining machine became more and more intense.

At present, IPFS mining machines, including snail interplanetary servers, have begun to run. After more than half a year of operation, this round of IPFS mining and MLM may also be entering the harvesting period.

The main network has not been able to go online, but first encountered pyramid scheme fraud, how much is the IPFS/Filecoin believers left?

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