April 16 market analysis: EOS, BCH is still strong, can LTC return to the king again?

Market analysis

The following analysis content is taken in the CoinSmart market software in the currency exchange currency / USDT data for various indicators analysis, if you want to know the other exchange currency information, you can add a micro signal: CoinSmart001 for communication.


After Bitcoin is adjusted back to the lowest point of 4950, it is currently at the top of 5050. 24H fell to the recent lows and there was no heavy volume breakthrough. The overall situation is still bullish momentum, but the pattern of range volatility may need to continue for some time. First, the short-term moving averages are flat (MA5, MA10), and the short-term immediate pull-up momentum is not strong, but the medium-term moving averages MA20, MA30, and MA60 are moving upwards. Moreover, the currency price has already stood above the MA256 line. More directions remain unchanged. Second, the previous deviation of the volume and price has been slowly repaired. At present, the quantity can be good, and the purpose of the main wash is gradually being achieved. Operation strategy: Hold the currency to go up. Support level: 5000, 4800, pressure position: 5200, 5400.


ETH weakly linked the market, the weak means that the BTC fell, it will fall to a larger proportion, BTC rose, it rose more than the proportion of the currency with its own individual trend. From the disk surface, it can be seen that each time the callback, ETH will call back to the position of 155, which proves that this location is an area with many people's consensus. In the case that Ethereum did not fall below the MA30, the follow-up trend was bullish for the follow-up trend. The operation could be close to 155, and the pressure level was 173.


EOS yesterday was a big Yinxian with a long lead wire. Today is a bald Yangxian line to recover the physical part of yesterday's Yinxian. The market outlook continues to be optimistic. In April, the bottom of each EOS was gradually raised, which was stronger than other currencies. At present, EOS moves along the upper rail of the Bollinger Band. It is possible that the Bollinger opening will develop upwards to see if the volume will break through the new high. If there is no breakthrough, it may continue to sort out the trend. Support level: 5.2, 5.0, pressure level: 5.5, 6.


BCH rose two rounds yesterday and is already standing above the annual line. However, it should be clear that this wave of rise is driven by the spread of competitors. On the technical indicators, MACD has a tendency to passivate and have a dead fork. KDJ is down, there is a need for adjustment, so don’t blindly chase the high, but there is one The good situation is to break through the previous year's pressure, the overall bullish bullish, as previously said, BCH breaks the annual line, is expected to hit a new high. When the linkage is adjusted, the support level is 270 and the pressure level is 350.


Although LTC is one of the currencies that led the gains yesterday, the main estimate is really just to let it warm up the market. The highest point of the recent rise is decreasing. You can draw a downward tangent from the disk, but there is a good one. The phenomenon is that the lowest point is around 74, the linkage cake adjustment, there is the possibility of rising, but without a heavy volume breakthrough, the increase is limited. Support level: 74, pressure level: 85.


XRP is now close to the mid-term moving average, and today is still a big Yinxian. In April, this round of the market has already retraced the previous increase. For the operation of XRP, short-term operators and other disk movements are involved, and the midline operators are close to the low position to build some warehouses. Support level: 0.31, pressure position: 0.33.


The ADA will participate in the IOHK Summit in the near future, and then launch a new roadmap to showcase the 2020 vision. From the perspective of the disk, the ADA is currently finishing at a high level, and the overall indicator shows that the bulls are bullish. Linked to the big cake callback can be appropriately added. Support level: 0.08, 0.076, pressure position: 0.084, 0.09.


These days, I am adjusting the market. I have been slowly moving up in my own rising channel. On April 3, with the rapid rise of BTC, I am now withdrawing to my upstream channel. On the indicator, MACD is still on the 0-axis, KDJ and other over-buy over-selling indicators are already in the normal range, there is still room for follow-up, the operation will hold the currency to rise, and the mid-line can open the position on dips. Support level: 0.52, 0.48, pressure position: 0.56, 060.


In recent days, there has been a phenomenon of continuous yin. The current price of the currency is below the MA3O moving average. It has been particularly close to the lower track of the rising channel. After observing the trend for a few days, the short-term operator can appropriately remove some of the positions when the BTC moves. Support level: 1.75, 1. Pressure level: 1.9, 2.0.


These days, the low price of the currency has a certain rise, the long-term average is distributed, the amount can be good, and now it is gradually approaching the annual average, and there is room for growth. Support level: 0.11, 0.10. Pressure level: 0.125, 0.135.

Other currencies such as: NEO, QTUM, VET, ONT, ZEC, DASH, etc., their overall trend is also linked to BTC, and the trend is weaker than BTC, some trends are the same as the currency described above, can be used to learn from each other BTC follow-up is to see Zhang market, these currencies also have space, after the currency price is stable, appropriate intervention.

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