Who should control the life and death of digital coins, exchange, KOL or HODLer?

Life and death, Buddhist terminology refers to the state of birth and death in which the sentient beings are born in the world.

All beings are nothing but old and sick, and everyone can't escape the cycle. There may be a cyclical process for everything, so there is a reincarnation, such as a ten-year financial crisis, a rich three generations, a GJ development, and a tribe's decline is nothing more than a reincarnation process.

Who should decide the life and death of digital coins today? After 94, the digital currency was not recognized, and 1c0 was suppressed, causing the digital currency to shrink by more than 90%. As a product of decentralization, it may not be so easy to die. In history, Bitcoin was declared dead more than 100 times. And still lived in the end.

From 1c0 to IFO in the IE0 digital currency has experienced a lot of marketing stage, nothing more than a word: "profit", Marx "Capital":

“If you have the right profit, the capital will be bold. 10% will protect it from being used anywhere; 20% will make it lively; 50% will cause positive boldness; 100% will make it People disregard the laws of all people; 300% will make people ignore the crime, and even risk the twisting of the head."

It is conceivable that behind the 100-fold and thousand-fold benefits of digital coins, perhaps everyone is not concerned about life and death, but how to make money.

Digital currency forks are not a long-standing one. Bitcoin is extended from Bitcoin to the late BCHABC and BCHSV. It is said that the community is not harmonious. In the final analysis, the distribution of benefits is not good. Some people also propose who is the real bit. currency? Bitcoin is bitcoin, and any forked currency is not bitcoin. It is unlikely that it will replace the current one. At present, the bitcoin HODL is far more aware than other digital coins, and it is also a world. Approved encrypted currency.

There have been a lot of cryptocurrency deaths in history, so who should decide the life and death of numbers?

According to the data of the website deadcoin, there are currently thousands of digital currency deaths. The alphabet has been sorted from AZ. There may be some hodl behind every digital coin, but when the digital currency is not making money, everyone will be scattered, and the benefits will always be It is ranked first, just like many people are not willing to share their own money and financial management. After the emergence of the Internet, there have been a large number of open source projects and some collaborative projects in the network, which makes certain software and projects The development is faster and stronger, and the most obvious contrast is the Android and IOS systems. Maybe this is the power of open source. In the post-Internet era, everyone should advocate open source and pursue the partner mechanism, which is the so-called value Internet era in the currency circle. At present, there are many community-based products implementing partner mechanisms, such as Baidu, instant, and the currency circle also has ok, fire coins, The partnership mechanism proposed by the three major exchanges.

All the above signs indicate that it is a community era. Only when some people believe in a certain coin or a certain product, the HODL of this product will be more and more, the development of the community will be stronger, and the availability of products, Maintenance will improve faster, each person's cognitive level is different, and the understanding is different, just like a thousand readers have a thousand Hamlet.

From the birth of Bitcoin to the present ten years, and the bitcoin's rich list trading is relatively small, perhaps this is the real HODL, Bitcoin did not have an exchange at the beginning, but through community transactions or offline transactions. Then, it is the initial community that decides that Bitcoin is a big one. If these people don’t give up, Bitcoin will always exist, and most of the digital coins that appear later will be based on the interests, such as I-c0, IE. -0 mode, the digital currency is not queried on the block at all, and the HODLer owned is not at all. The exchange is trading its own database, and the so-called winning bid, perhaps this is the routine of the village, only a few Most people are still cut leeks.

Taking BCHSV as an example, who should decide the life and death of the digital currency?

  • Viewpoint 1: Determined by the exchange (decentralized exchange), some large exchanges can determine the life and death of a coin in one sentence. The announcement will be made on the exchange. As a mainstream exchange, the news of other small exchanges will naturally follow the trend, which will lead to the greatly reduced circulation of digital coins, and eventually become a stand-alone mode, and may end up with a cool rhythm. Is it true that the decentralized exchange is the gospel of digital coins? At present, it is unrealistic at present. The mechanism of the upper and lower currency covers the numerous possibilities. The conditions of the foreign currency may be many and many. It is not a currency that can be traded and traded. It is necessary to prevent the phenomenon of transaction fraud, user fraud and so on.
  • Viewpoint 2: KOL, as the Internet age, socialization has become an indispensable way to obtain information in life. A certain V can be a product of life and death, such as the recent explosion of Cai Xukun and the big B station. China's black hole copyright issue, the scary is not KOL, but the HODL after KOL…
  • Viewpoint 3: It is decided by HODL to live and die. Perhaps this is the ultimate goal of a digital coin to survive. Just like CX can have many believers, such as the recent crazy I-E0 mode, which has become a fund, a pull, a plunge. The situation abounds, and there are several real HODLs. If there is no interest, it may be long gone. If a coin does not go to the exchange, but as HODL, it recognizes its value. Just like the ancient barter exchange, some people like famous paintings, some people like food, everyone can exchange things they like, and both sides agree. To reach an agreement to redeem, perhaps this is the ultimate value of the digital currency. Value is determined by cognition, and you think it's worth it but it's not necessarily worth it.

Finally, Xiaobai only wants to say: "Bitcoin is the real bitcoin, no need to prove, HODL self-certification!".

(Author: Bitcoin White)

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