Polkadot Shanghai Review: Gavin Wood and other guests gave a speech on PPT

On the evening of April 11, the Polkadot meeting of the cross-chain project hosted by the Web3 Foundation was successfully held in Neutrino, Shanghai, where hundreds of blockchain enthusiasts from all over the country gathered. At the same time, there are 5 guests who have made wonderful sharing. At the end of the article, you can watch the live broadcast of the night and have a PPT access method for the guests.

The evening event was hosted by Liu Yi, a community manager from Neutrino. At the beginning of the opening ceremony, she expressed a warm welcome to the partners who came from the night, and introduced the main coffee of the evening: Anne Jiang, head of the ETF's China ECF, WEB3 fund board member, and former Polychain Capital partner Ryan. Zurrer, Ava Labs co-founder and chief architect Kevin Sekniqi, ChainX project co-founder Guo Guanghua, and former Ethereum CTO and co-founder, now Parity Technologies and Parity co-founder Dr. Gavin Wood.

The first guest to share: "ECF 2.0 Community Organization" shared by Anne Jiang

She popularized the concept of Ethereum Community Fund (ECF, Ethereum Community Fund) and the difference between ECF1.0 and ECF2.0 to blockchain developers and followers. It also shared how to join the ECF organization and apply for funding. As a non-profit program organization, ECF is committed to providing financial support and strategic guidance for projects in all areas of the blockchain: critical infrastructure and research, developer experience and tools, open source development advocacy, dapps, communities education plan.

Contact: Website: ecf.network / Twitter: ethereumecf / E-mail: [email protected]

Second guest share: Ryan Zurrer's sharing "Web3 Update"

Ryan Zurrer first introduced the development path of Web technology in sharing. He emphasized that in the era of Web 3.0, the profit model of the Internet will change from the oligo advertising profit model to the benefit of the agreement users themselves, that is, users use their own privacy and data profit. . Dr. Gavin Wood's wish is to build a network of servers and decentralized networks. During the event, Ryan also revealed that Polkadot will be officially launched at the end of 2019, and announced that the second WEB3.0 summit will be held in Berlin, Germany on August 19-21, 2019.

The third guest to share: Kevin Sekniqi 's share of " Blockchain 3.0 Architecture"

Kevin gave us a lot of inspiration in the sharing of technical architecture. He proposed a novel solution that combines the advantages of the consensus and the classic consensus. It can effectively solve the original defects of the blockchain 1.0 and 2.0, and can better play the zone. The advantage of blockchain is industrial empowerment.

The fourth sharing guest: Guo Guanghua 's sharing " Substrate's practical experience in ChainX "

In the speech, Guo Guanghua shared the team's development from the early alliance chain, and later discovered that the Polkadot project established the Integrity technology community, began to study cross-chain technology, and then promoted the ChainX project development with the Substrate development framework. Since then, he has also vividly and vividly introduced the typical development experience of various technical modules of Substrate architecture in ChainX. Finally, Guo Guanghua said that the Chain X project will continue to adhere to technological innovation and promote the development of the blockchain industry.

Fifth guest share: Gavin Wood 's share of Governance, Staking, and Trust Wormhole

In a 90-minute share, Dr. Gavin Wood brings a top-notch knowledge feast from governance to technology. At the same time, it also explained in detail the structure and development plan of the well-conceived cross-chain project Polkadot. In addition, it also expressed its own views on Staking, a hot spot that has received much attention. Finally, we will have a zero-distance interactive solution with the participants.

On-site participants


Live playback address: http://play.yunxi.tv/livestream/flash?id=6f55c89326bb4683ae8c0c2fbae1c789

Guest speech PPT download: Pay attention to the NeutrinoGlobal public number to send the keyword gav to get the download link of the guest speech of Gavin Wood on April 11

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