"Sneaked" Assange's cryptographic life

On December 5, 2010, WikiLeaks angered the US authorities by leaking US diplomatic and telegraph incidents, and was stopped by traditional donation channels such as bank cards. At this time, they thought of Bitcoin. However, this incident was strongly opposed by Nakamoto. "The heat you brought may ruin us at this stage." A week after the posting of this post, Nakamoto has completely disappeared from the world.

A silent fundraiser is happening on the Bitcoin network.

0.00626 BTC, 7.89 BTC, 0.062 BTC Hundreds of donations went to an address: 39o6E2qascmB5rNwFtJU6ug5PXZx5K2ED3.

This is the fundraising address of WikiLeaks.

On April 11, the British police entered the Embassy of Ecuador in the United Kingdom and arrested WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Seven years after the embassy in Ecuador, the world-famous leaker will be sent to court, waiting for him to be in jail.

Since its inception in 2006, WikiLeaks has published a number of confidential documents, including US military shootings in Iraq, extrajudicial executions in Kenya, and toxic waste dumps in Côte d'Ivoire.

Because of the disclosure of multinational secrets, Assange has been swaying in many countries, living in a fixed place, and occasionally appearing in public. Assange also expressed his opinions on freedom of the press, censorship and investigative journalism. He has won the 2009 International Special Media Award and the 2008 Economist's Freedom of Speech Award.

Assange was arrested in the world and caused a sensation. This long-lost hacker and investigative reporter was re-raised on social networks and media. The people supported him, through words, through actions, and a donation on the Bitcoin network— – Within one day, the donation address received a total of 124 donations.

Causing an encrypted world shock

If it weren't for that photo, I'm afraid no one could think of Assange's current appearance. Prior to this, he had been in the basement of the Embassy of Ecuador in the United Kingdom for seven years.

Seven years is enough to turn a handsome gentleman into an old man who looks white, although he is actually 48 years old.

“UK must resist!” (UK must resist)

On April 11th, when Julian Assange was pulled out of the Ecuadorian embassy in the British by five great men, he kept licking this sentence. This tall Australian has iconic grey eyes and sloppy white hair that are still striking in the crowd.

"This is the dark moment of freedom of the press." Edward Snowden said on Twitter. Six years ago, Snowden announced the Prism program (PRISM) on WikiLeaks.

Assange, the seven-year-old investigative journalist, is about to reappear when people are forgotten. His seclusion life began on June 19, 2012, and his Twitter update status is fixed later, March 3, 2013. day.

In the real world, people have never forgotten him. He and WikiLeaks represent freedom of speech and freedom of expression in opposition to power.

In the blockchain world, Assange also continuously releases energy.

Some commentators said that Assange is a big bitcoin.

According to CNBC, in 2017, Assange said on social media that his company has invested in bitcoin since 2010 and has earned 500 times in six years, all thanks to the US government.

And "Assange was arrested" is considered to be the "culprit" that led to the decline of Bitcoin. Some YouTube commentators have speculated that this bitcoin decline came from Assange who knew that he was arrested in advance and that the sale of the currency in his hand caused a fall.

On April 12th, Beijing time, according to the non-small data, almost all of the top 100 currencies showed a decline, of which BTC was quoted at $4,900, a drop of 6.24% in 24 hours.

Just a day ago, the British police arrested Assange at the British Embassy in Ecuador.

The commentator said that Assange may know that he is about to be arrested. He can short on BitFinex or sell off his bitcoin for profit. If so, they can get about $2 million in a short period of time. Revenue to deal with the next lawsuit.

The last words of Nakamoto

There are few cryptocurrency circles that don’t know Assange.

On December 5, 2010, WikiLeaks angered the US authorities by leaking US diplomatic and telegraph incidents, and was stopped by traditional donation channels such as bank cards. At this time, they thought of Bitcoin.

However, this matter was strongly opposed by Nakamoto, and Nakamoto said:

"No, don't put it on WikiLeaks. This project needs to grow gradually so that the software stays strong all the time. I am calling WikiLeaks not to use Bitcoin! Bitcoin is just a small-scale social experiment in infancy. It is at most a small amount of payment, and the heat you bring may ruin us at this stage."

A week after posting this post, Nakamoto was completely gone from the world.

WikiLeaks still announced the use of Bitcoin as a way of fundraising, and later accepted Zcash.

At present, WikiLeaks' official website shows that in addition to traditional methods such as credit card, Paypal, and bank card transfer, it also supports virtual assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Monroe, and Ethereum.

The connection between Assange and the blockchain world is not limited to this. Assange prefers to be called "cyberpunk", which is his definition of himself.

Another password punk, Nakamoto, has not appeared since 2010, and Assan is the most dangerous hacker in the world, the most independent investigative reporter, facing the world’s most powerful enemy, the US government. In addition to his constant appearance, he continued to throw a bomb: a secret document.

Born and turbulent

In 1971, Assange was born in Townsville, on the northeast coast of Australia. Because of her parents' relationship, Assange was just 14 years old and has moved 37 times. He can't accept uninterrupted education, sometimes self-study at home, also participated in correspondence classes and followed some university professors for informal study.

Assange told New Yorker reporters:

"In my childhood, most of the time I was like Tom Sawyer. I have my own horse, built my own raft, went fishing, drilling mines and tunnels."

16-year-old Assange has the first modem, so he can turn his Commodore computer into an entrance to the electronic paradise.

In this paradise, Assange calls himself Mendax, whose name is taken from the ancient Roman poet Horace's "Splendide mendax", which means noble falsehood.

When Assange was 18, she held an informal wedding with her girlfriend, and soon their son was born.

At the age of 20, Assange invaded the main terminal of the Canadian telecommunications company Nortel in Melbourne and asked the Nortel administrator: "I have controlled the system and have a good time in your system. We are not confused. Even made a write improvement, please do not inform the Australian Federal Police."

The Australian police still found the door. The police searched 63 bundles of evidence from his home and sued Assange. At that time, his wife left him with his young son.

"We are all paranoid schizophrenic patients." People who worked with Assange said.

"Underground" writes about Assange’s fear of being arrested:

"Mendacus dreamed that the police were attacking at any time. He dreamed that the footsteps sounded in front of his door. In the darkness before dawn, the policeman with a live ammunition broke into the back door of his house at five in the morning."

"Underground" is a book co-authored by Assange and writer Selit Dreyfus, which depicts the golden rule of hacker subculture: "Don't damage (including crash) the computer system you invade; don't change Information about those systems (except for modifying the log to cover up their own tracks); sharing the information obtained."

Claire has said that Assange's post-traumatic stress disorder has never been treated. In 1999, after more than 30 hearings and the above, Assange and his wife reached a guardianship agreement.

In order to make money to raise his son as much as possible, Assange has done various kinds of work. He even worked as a computer security consultant and went to the University of Melbourne to study physics.

He once thought that cracking the secret law behind the universe would bring intellectual stimulation and dispel the impulse to be a hacker. From 2003 to 2006, he studied physics and mathematics at the University of Melbourne.

In 2005, Assange represented the University of Melbourne in the Australian National Physics Competition.

At a meeting of the Australian Physical Society in 2006, 900 professional physicists were present. Assange was among them and found that "this organization is controlled by the old-fashioned people crying with fear, they have extremely inferior personality."

Assange gradually understood that the struggle of mankind is not a struggle between the left and the right, nor a struggle between faith and reason, but a struggle between individuals and institutions.

He believes that institutional hierarchy undermines truth, creativity, love and compassion. After the communication channel within a regime is interrupted, the flow of information between the accomplices will certainly shrink. When the information exchange approaches zero, the conspiracy will end.

Secret is a tool for information warfare. In 2006, Assange founded WikiLeaks in a house near the University of Melbourne.

"He doesn't sleep at all, he doesn't eat anything," said a man who had lived with Assange.

Legendary editor

On April 5, 2010, in Washington, USA, Assange played a video on the 40 reporters attending the press conference on the podium. Several US troops took action on the Apache helicopter in Baghdad, and the "insurgents" on the ground. Make crazy shootings. Two Reuters employees (a photojournalist and his driver) and more than a dozen Iraqi civilians were killed.

This video, called "The Murder with the Murder," Asanci quoted George Orwell at the beginning:

"The role of political language is to make the lie sound sincere, to make the murder noble, and to make the imaginary things seem to be inconspicuous."

Assange is a member of the WikiLeaks 9 advisory group and the main spokesman for WikiLeaks, but he has always avoided being called the "founder" and instead called himself the editor of WikiLeaks and received it from WikiLeaks. The document review work has the final decision.

Assange claims to be scientific news. He told New Yorker reporters that his mission is to expose injustice, rather than providing an objective world record. "With Murder" brought more than $200,000 in donations to WikiLeaks. Assange wrote on Twitter: "The news media has a new profit model: try to change it. "

"The number of confidential documents issued by WikiLeaks is more than the sum of other news media in the world." Assange said, "I don't want to say how successful WikiLeaks is, but to express the world media crisis. The personal team has published confidential documents that are added to other media, which is a shame (in the media industry)."

He put the news report on the crop theory. "The physics paper can only be published if the experimental content and results are clearly written. The journalism industry should adopt similar standards."

On the other hand, Assange’s behavior is also controversial.

A password punk who did not want to be named said that Assange's broke the news is selective. "Whoever you look at for him, only RT (TV), equivalent to Russian CCTV."

"Assange can't solve the problem of personal freedom for a long time, he needs to lean toward certain forces. So he can only say that he admires him, but the specific practice does not agree." He revealed.

"In addition, the consequences of his approach are also difficult to predict. Is it really freedom, will it make more people in danger, and I am more and more uncertain these years," the source added.

When arrested by the British police, Assange held a book called "National Security History" (the American writer Gore Vidal, whose main content is to criticize the US security agencies).

On April 11th, London had a rare good weather. Assange was shackled and stuffed into the police car leading to the prison. The cyberpunk, WikiLeaks editor and human rights fighters gestured a victory gesture to the camera. .

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