April Fool's Day Warning | Shocked! Bitcointalk to do KYC?

On April 1st, Beijing time, Bitcointalk administrator theymos released "blockbuster": bitcointalk now needs KYC.


He wrote in the post:

In order to prevent fraud, spam, multiple accounts, and repetitive abusive behavior, in order to maintain a credible environment, all forum users must now submit KYC certification. As everyone knows, Bitcoin is built on 'If you have nothing to hide, then what are you worried about? 'In principle, this is one of the reasons why the blockchain has become a public account book. Nakamoto has even said that 'save a little freedom to improve security is the basis of blockchain technology'.

In addition, if you take a selfie under this post, you can get additional certification. (First upload the image to imgur and other libraries, then use the BBCode code [img]DIRECT_LINK_TO_IMG[/img]) Make sure this is a very serious selfie. After the self-timer upload is complete, our advanced verifAITM algorithm will choose whether to authenticate you and assign you an accurate certification rating that will appear next to your post.

Of course, this is a joke on April Fool's Day (friends who are happy with the selfie can click here to upload the picture). Babbitt found that after the user logs in, Bitcointalk does ask for KYC certification, but the information that needs to be filled is ironic.

In addition to the normal name and address, the site also asks the user to fill in the mother's maiden name, the name of your first pet, and the crimes you committed (at least one). Finally, it will let users choose whether to share information with a range of law enforcement agencies, social media sites, blockchain analysis companies, and your parents.


(Some KYC content, images taken from Bitcointalk)

On the whole, the information collected by Bitcointalk does not involve personal privacy. The purpose of KYC is to make April Fool's jokes, and it is also a mockery of the traditional system. As they said in the post, "If you have nothing to hide, then what are you worried about?" For most people, they have not committed any crimes, and there is really no need to hide them. But this does not mean that they do not need privacy, and does not mean that their personal assets can be left to the mercy. This is the meaning of the existence of bitcoin and even the entire cryptocurrency.

Bitcointalk is the largest and most established Bitcoin and blockchain online forum. Founded by Bitcoin creator Nakamoto Satoshi on November 22, 2009, it is a continuation of the lost SourceForge forum.

The site contains a wealth of information on the Bitcoin world and supports multiple languages. The concept of digital currency is still difficult for most people to understand, but in this forum you can easily find answers to many questions.

There have also been many stories here. In 2010, American programmer Laszlo Hanyecz successfully agreed with another netizen on the Bitcointalk forum to buy two great John's pizzas with 10,000 BTC, which is the first deal of Bitcoin in the real world; in 2013, one drink The drunk bitcoin enthusiasts wrote the phrase "I AM HODLING" on the Bitcointalk forum. The word "hold" was misspelled, but it was also a unique manifestation of the bitcoin culture.

After 10 years, many Bitcoin enthusiasts are still active in this forum. They are inclusive of the competition currency (currently the site has accepted Grin payment), which provides suggestions for community development and also provides useful information for Xiaobai users. information. The bitcoin culture born here will affect more and more bitcoiners and help create a more open and inclusive bitcoin community.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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