At the super vent of the blockchain, how can blockchain operators take advantage of the trend?

On October 24, General Secretary Xi raised the blockchain to a national strategic level in the 18th collective meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, and the industrialization of the blockchain has been fully opened. As a blockchain operator, I have been thinking about how to find my own position, develop precision, and take advantage of the current situation under the rapid development of the blockchain industry . The following are the directions and answers I have thought about during this period of time. I hope to discuss with the industry, do a good job in the operation of the blockchain, and contribute to the entire industry.

The super vent of the blockchain

At present, looking at the development of the entire industry, the development of the blockchain industry shows the following three characteristics.

One. Deep industry integration

General Secretary Xi's speech of about 1,000 words in the collective meeting mentioned 5 fusions. The key to the application of blockchain is actually "fusion". The fusion here is to go deep into the scene. Blockchain technology must appear to solve problems in a certain field, which requires that the blockchain can be integrated into the field of problem solving. Therefore, industrial integration must be the road to the development of the blockchain. The blockchain must be born for applications and thrive for applications. This integration cannot be just a fusion of a single point of the blockchain and an industry. Blockchain technology itself is a technology that involves many disciplines, including cryptography, computer science, mathematics, and even organizational psychology, psychology, and philosophy. If it is deeply integrated, it is inevitable that the blockchain and various industries will develop in a deep fit.

2. Stricter supervision

After General Secretary Xi issued a speech on blockchain on the 24th, domestic regulations have become stricter. Although at the beginning of the policy, all blockchain practitioners were excited and cheered that spring had finally arrived. Within 72 hours of the policy's introduction, the prices of various digital currencies rose, and capital reveled. But in the next few days, mainstream domestic media, such as the People's Daily, issued articles one after another, stating that it is necessary to severely crack down on the current pyramid scheme fraud that is followed by the name of the blockchain. A month later, under the strict supervision of the state, the blockchain industry returned to calm. With the massive ban on capital speculation and the closure of related institutions, the practitioners recovered their calmness and began to think about how to study and expand in the era of dividends.

three. Spring of the Alliance Chain

The current development of the alliance chain in China is very clear. General Secretary Xi explicitly proposed that in China, the application of the alliance chain in the real economy is the main. Therefore, the development of the alliance chain will usher in unlimited benefits. The alliance chain has the advantages of blockchain's non-tampering, data tracking and confirmation of rights, without the need to issue coins. The distribution of participants' interests and speaking rights is very clear and easy to implement.

In particular, the current government affairs + blockchain is a hot area for industrial integration, and the alliance chain can be widely used in government affairs. Therefore, it can be predicted that in the future, more alliance chains will be used as government application demonstrations to promote the application of alliance chains in various fields. Of course, the development of the public chain will also catch up, because the public chain has its inherent advantages, including the payment field, Defi financial field, cross-chain field, asset on-chain and so on. Therefore, it can be said that the development of the alliance chain belongs to the present, and the development of the public chain belongs to the future. But at present, the domestic development focus is on the alliance chain.

How can blockchain operators take advantage of this trend?

As a blockchain operator who has been in the business for more than 2 years, in the rapid development and changes of this industry, I am also constantly thinking about how to recognize the current situation, adjust my operating strategy, and follow the trend.

One. B-side operation, the general trend

Why is B-side operation a megatrend of blockchain operation? It can be interpreted from two directions. First, from the perspective of the blockchain industry, industrial integration is definitely more focused on the enterprise side and the government side. Second, from the perspective of operational career development, in the past two years, the B-side operation has just been needed. If the first 10 years of China ’s Internet belonged to the PC, then today ’s To B, the new blue ocean, has become a battleground for military soldiers . The huge dividends have driven all industries and enterprises into the bureau. Therefore, from the perspective of the development of the blockchain industry and the development of the Internet, the B-side operation is the future trend.

two. Strengthen learning and embrace integration

Blockchain + industrial integration places higher requirements on blockchain operators. On the one hand, operators need to better understand the principles and characteristics of blockchain technology. On the other hand, operators must understand the development of various industries, especially when it comes to the landing of specific industries, how to make appropriate solutions and design application scenarios based on the needs of the B-end, which is particularly important . Blockchain operators need to use their own expertise to understand each other's industrial cooperation needs, so that they can be very professional in connecting relevant people and services, using blockchain as an emerging technology to empower traditional industries, and realizing blockchain and real Deep integration.

Therefore, the learning ability of blockchain operators must be accelerated, especially the ability to understand other industries in a short time. Only by continuously improving one's learning ability can we take on the mission of the new era.

three. Jump out of the product, based on the industry

Most blockchain operators may have been based on the C-side operation before, mainly for the introduction, promotion, retention, and transformation of related technology products, or the promotion of ecology, so that more nodes can join the ecological hypothesis. But today's B-side, the foothold will be more ambitious.

For example, the B-side of the blockchain can be based on digital rights, distributed storage, blockchain security supervision, the industrial Internet, etc., and truly realize the deep integration of the industry. In particular, most of the traditional enterprises are currently reluctant to go global after they have fixed their industry chain links and industry fields. At this time, it will face the limitations of the track and the limitations of the industrial structure. In the context of the era of blockchain industry integration, it is very important for blockchain operators to find a breaking point or convergence point in the relationship of the industrial chain and break the original industrial structure.

This breakthrough is often not brought to us by product thinking. Blockchain operators should base their thinking on the industry, walk into the industry, think about the pain points of each industry chain , think about what the industry practitioners need, how to help them improve efficiency, and how to create in a certain link what others cannot Value, how to break the limitations and ceiling of the current industrial development, how to co-exist and win-win with them, and jointly create greater value.

Write at the end

The spring of the blockchain has arrived. As a blockchain operator, on the one hand, it will get the envy of many people, and it is often boasted of being at the forefront of the times. On the other hand, operators need to remain calm and wise, and constantly improve their learning and thinking skills. It is hoped that every blockchain operator can be solid in the footsteps of the spring breeze, set aside the clouds, remove falsehood and save the truth, and finally reap growth and beauty .

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