Behara Chain Foundation became a member of the IEEE Computer Association Blockchain and Distributed Accounting Committee, and led the proposal for a new standard for the IEEE Blockchain

The IEEE Computer Society Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Standards Committee (IEEE C / BDL) annual kick-off meeting was successfully held on March 10, 2020. The meeting announced the main members of the first steering committee, executive committee, and technical committee of the IEEE C / BDL, reviewed a number of standard proposals such as key management protocols, blockchain interoperability, digital assets, and digital identities, and determined 2020 Standard planning and recruitment of members.

Biyuan Chain CEO Lang Yu was invited to attend this annual kick-off meeting and was elected as the first executive member. At the same time, Biyuan Chain Foundation became a member of the IEEE Computer Association Blockchain and Distributed Accounting Committee.

At the meeting, the Biyuan Chain Foundation led the establishment of a blockchain identity key management specification working group, and proposed a new standard that can identify users' identities through key management methods that follow the standard on different chains.

This standard specifies the management specifications of blockchain and distributed ledger technology identity keys. The standard applies to:

  • Provide a reference to the use and management of keys for organizations that plan to use blockchain and distributed ledger technologies to build blockchain and distributed ledger systems;
  • Guide the blockchain and distributed ledger service provider organizations to establish key management modules for blockchain and distributed ledger systems;
  • Provide key management reference for middleware service organizations in the construction process of blockchain and distributed ledger systems;

Biyuan Chain has been committed to the breakthrough and innovation of blockchain technology. The participation in the formulation of the IEEE's international blockchain standard is also the output of the results of technical intensive cultivation and practice in the past two years, which promotes the development of blockchain technology and applications. Accelerate the landing; meanwhile, in response to the country's call, firmly control the standards of the blockchain industry in the hands through independent innovation, thereby leading the voice of the subsequent global blockchain industry.

Of course, the development of this standard is also inseparable from the cooperation of other partners. You are now recruiting like-minded partners to participate in the development of this standard. You can: 1. Participate in the development and modification of the content of the standard and add your own practice to the standard Medium 2, voted to pass the standard in IEEE 3, become the standard maker and participant

How to participate?

1. First need to become an IEEE-SA Entity Member

Fill out the application form:

2. Apply to join the Blockchain Identity Key Management Specification Working Group, email: [email protected], and indicate the company information, the field of work, why you want to join this working group, whether you are an IEEE member, etc

Note: The IEEE Computer Association Blockchain and Distributed Accounting Committee is a professional organization initiated by the IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers on September 5, 2019 to promote the standardization of blockchain and distributed accounting technology and Its application practice. The IEEE Computer Association Blockchain and Distributed Accounting Committee is responsible for guiding, managing, and supervising the establishment, development, review, release, promotion, and related application of the blockchain standards.

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