Blockchain investment fund technology platform FundsDLT completes Series A financing, Credit Suisse and Luxembourg Stock Exchange invest

Clearstream, Credit Suisse Asset Management, Luxembourg Stock Exchange and Natixis Investment Managers have jointly launched FundsDLT, a blockchain-based investment fund industry technology platform.

Blockchain investment fund technology platform FundsDLT completes Series A financing, Credit Suisse and Luxembourg Stock Exchange invest

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Clearstream, Credit Suisse Asset Management, Luxembourg Stock Exchange and Natixis Investment Management Announce A Series A Investment In FundsDLT To Develop A New Decentralized Technology Platform To Promote Fund Distribution Based On Distributed Ledger Technology . The move marks an important milestone in the development of FundsDLT, which was originally initiated and incubated by the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and its affiliate Fundsquare.

FundsDLT is built using Ethereum-based licensed blockchain technology to ensure privacy and high performance. FundsDLT can redesign the fund's distribution value chain from beginning to end, covering the entire fund life cycle. The platform allows asset managers, distributors, asset service providers and the entire supply chain to reduce costs by eliminating redundant activities, while providing the necessary transparency to end investors and laying the foundation for the issuance of digital funds. This Series A financing will strengthen the FundsDLT platform and accelerate its commercial development.

"The launch of FundsDLT is an important step towards our common goal of promoting the adoption of blockchain and digital assets across the financial industry. Luxembourg Stock Exchange has played a catalytic role in this development, and I'm glad to see To the growing ecosystem around FundsDLT. "Said Robert Scharfe, CEO of Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

Joseph Pinto, Global Chief Operating Officer of Natixis Investment Manager:

"Digital transformation has brought some of the biggest challenges and opportunities to today's investment management industry, and blockchain can play an important role. We believe that for the investment management industry, increasing transparency and rapidly improving operations are essential. FundsDLT will Help us achieve these goals, and in turn enable us to leverage blockchain technology to provide investors with an enhanced experience. "

Philippe Seyll, CEO of Clearstream Banking SA, explained:

"FundsDLT is an international initiative that simplifies many activities in the fund's distribution value chain and has the potential to reduce costs to the benefit of investors across the fund. This investment is a key step in our digital strategy and will complement and strengthen our Current Vestima products. "

According to Michel Degen, head of Credit Suisse Asset Management and EMEA:

"We are constantly seeking to streamline our customers' access to our products. As part of our digital journey, we see FundsDLT as another powerful lever for improving efficiency and establishing new distribution channels, bringing considerable value to customers and asset managers. income."

Fundsquare Managing Director Olivier Portenseigne added:

"This partnership reflects growing market demand for a platform that removes barriers to accessing investment funds. FundsDLT is a project that has the potential to change the allocation of funds and bring substantial benefits to the entire ecosystem. We look forward to working with Partners launch this next-generation market infrastructure and invite more fund managers, issuers and others in the asset management industry to join us. "

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