Bitcoin prices continue to fall, will the mining machine stop?

At around 8:00 pm in October 2019, Bitcoin collapsed and fell by nearly $500, with a maximum drop of 10%. The contract market has exploded more than a billion yuan in a while, which is really fierce. The world is suffering from a bear market for a long time!

Every time it falls, naturally there are many people who care about whether the mining machine is going to be shut down. Today, Xiaobian explains to everyone whether the current currency price has reached the shutdown price of some mining machines.

First, whether there is a mining machine to the shutdown price

At the current price of Bitcoin, there are indeed mines that have been shut down. There are two factors in determining whether the mine is shut down or not.

Based on the real-time price of Bitcoin: 52841.061, the electricity fee is 0.26 yuan / kWh. The current mining machine is ant V9, Shenma M3. The T9+ is also almost shut down.

At present, there are many machines that use thermal power, calculated at 0.35 yuan / kWh.

If calculated according to the electricity price of 0.34 yuan, the ant T9+ has been shut down.

The old coal mines are closed at the current currency price, and the energy efficiency ratio is as high as 120J/T. These mining machines are the mining machines to be eliminated, accounting for a very low proportion of the overall network computing power.

Second, when is the generation of machine king S9 shut down?

At present, everyone is most concerned about S9, S9 as a generation of machine kings, there is still a large amount of inventory in the market, the estimated power is estimated to be around 50E, this batch of machines is off, affecting many people.

At present, some miners have stopped S9, and even many miners are selling S9. Today, Xiaobian saw a miner directly in the group to send a mining machine to a mine owner to mine, as long as it can be divided into a few coins.

At present, the transition from the wet season to the dry season has begun, and some miners need to move the machine from cheap hydropower to relatively expensive thermal power. The price of thermal power is relatively high, and S9 almost does not make any money. And the mining machine will be moved from Sichuan to Inner Mongolia/Xinjiang. The transportation fee for each mining machine will also be 30. The freight rate is equivalent to the monthly income of one mining machine, and there is machine damage during transportation.

3. Where will S9 go?

At present, the power generation capacity of hydropower stations is gradually decreasing at the beginning of the dry season, and some S9s have just begun to find their way.

1, S9 is eliminated is the inevitable result

A large number of new mining machines have been produced by major mining machine manufacturers. In this cycle, S9 is destined to be eliminated.

2. The owner of the mine with the mine

At present, the price of S9 is very low, some retailers are panicking, and the price of mining machines is even as low as 500. According to Xiaobian, some large mine owners of their own mines receive goods at low prices because they build their own mines. The electricity price is only two hairs. If the mining machine is cheap enough, even if the current currency price, the return period is very fast;

3, the mining machine goes out to sea

In overseas regions such as Iran, the price of electricity is cheap. Due to the instability of its policies, some miners have shipped their mines out of the country. Because of their extremely low electricity prices, the return cycle is also very short.

4. Is the mainstream mine opportunity shut down?

There is no need to worry about the shutdown of new mines this year. Under the existing mining difficulty, the price of the shutdown is less than 20,000, which is still very safe.

V. Risks and opportunities coexist

Every time the price of the currency falls, the price of the mining machine will also adjust with the price, especially those mining machines that are in the life and death line. The mining has almost no profit or starts to lose money. The price will be very low, and even it will penetrate. Cost price.

Risks and opportunities coexist, and every time a big drop is when some people receive the goods, whether it is coins or mining machines. Behind it is actually the difference between the ability to withstand risks and the channels of resources.

Author: University Xiao Bian know mine

Note: The above is only a small personal analysis and does not represent any investment advice or suggestion.

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