Twitter featured: Mancoin network suspected of being stolen 100 million US dollars, the official claims to maintain

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Lightning Labs released its first desktop application on the Bitcoin blockchain. Lightning Labs is a developer of Bitcoin expansion technology lightning network.

The app is available for MacOS, Windows and Linux devices.

02 According to Cointelegraph:

A blockchain project claimed that Coinbene has been trying to cover up the theft of more than 100 items of tokens that occurred in March 2019, which resulted in a loss of about $100 million.

On March 25, 2019, a large number of transactions took place between the CoinBene hot wallet and the wallet that did not exist before.

According to reports, these transactions involve 109 ERC-20 tokens held by the company. These tokens include huobipool tokens (HPT), pundi X (NPSX), maximine coin (MXM) and udoo (UDOO) (the project leader is openly questioning the full currency network on Twitter, see the post with Twitter)

The next day, March 26, 2019, CoinBene announced that the platform is undergoing maintenance.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Howdoo CEO David Brierley, one of the stolen projects, provided a two-week communication between his company and CoinBene representatives, according to the communication, March 25th event, CoinBene Hot Wallet It took out 18.4 million UDOO ($209,000).

According to Brierley, in the first contact with CoinBene, the manager admitted that he did not know the source of the invasion and still told the public that it was undergoing maintenance.

At the same time, Brierley said CoinBene still allows people to trade non-existing udoo tokens on the platform. Therefore, the price of udoo began to fall. CoinBene tries to lower the price of udoo so that it can easily compensate for the loss of its suspicious hackers.

Suddenly, on March 28, 2019, CoinBene announced a statement that the Howdoo project was under maintenance. Brierley shared this statement with Cointelegraph as follows: “The UDOO project has recently undergone maintenance upgrades. CoinBene has suspended the trading function of UDOO. After the upgrade and maintenance is completed, the trading function will be opened and the time will be announced separately.”

According to Howdoo's CEO, the above statement is not only wrong, but also trying to blame the problem on the Howdoo project team.

The CEO of Howdoo continues to seek specific answers from the platform. By March 29, 2019, Brierley began to force CoinBene to respond to hacking attacks, and CoinBene's manager said his salary level was not enough to comment.

The stolen token Howdoo CMO tweeted the full currency network CMO :

When will hacking be officially confirmed? When do you think the stolen 18.4 million uDoos will be replaced? As the COO, would you make a public statement? We are also trying to know where you are working…

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