喵 区 Block Chain 26 | The distance between you and the old leeks, swearing through 25 coins!

Written in front of the text: This period of ignorance of the copy of the case by the ignorant think tank — coin letter wallet to provide technical support @ coin letter wallet, love it!

Hello everyone, welcome to the ignorant blockchain, I am not relying on the value of talented fat. Recently, little baby feedback said that our car is driving too fast, we can't keep up with our progress~ Well, we don't burn our brains today, let's talk about the blockchain slang that you may be familiar but don't understand!

Altcoin : Altcoin , in the early days of the Bitcoin community, Bitcoin supporters called the digital currency outside of Bitcoin a altcoin , because at the time these coins were modified in addition to algorithms, totals, etc. The code uses Bitcoin, and there is not much technical advancement. With the emergence of Ethereum and other currencies, other currencies began to make meaningful changes in the technical route. It is no longer a plagiarism of bitcoin. Everyone gradually began to change the name of the altcoin currency into a competitive currency.

Whale : Whales are big money-bearers. They are extremely amazing creatures. No one knows who they are, but everyone wants to be him.

  Amaranth: An investor who is harvested, known as amaranth.

Lambo : Abbreviation for Lamborghin, a symbol of the ultimate goal of amaranth.

Stud: The transliteration of "Show Hand", a popular variant of poker in Hong Kong movies. Here, it means "all in all". One of the most popular words in the Chinese currency circle is "Stud, Stud, Stud, won the club's tender model, and lost the sea to work.


HODL : First of all, this is a typo. The correct way to write is Hold. In 2013, a drunk little brother GameKyuubi posted a post on the bitcointalk "I AM HODLING", complaining that he was too stupid and stupid, bitcoin fell to nowhere, and he did not succeed in escaping, only HODL, And the smartest choice for someone who is not smart enough is HODL. To make matters worse, the girlfriend also came out of the cabinet and ran away with other sisters (face), a miserable one. It is this unintentional insertion that has created a big buzzword in the currency circle.

Now HODL has also given a new meaning: Hold On for Dear Life, "For the wonderful life in the future, firmly hold it!"


Pump and Dump & Mario trend : Pump and Dump is a market that suddenly collapses after a sudden spike in price. This kind of market tends to be very small when the market is high. The “banker” who has a lot of chips creates a chasing mood (ie, FOMO) in the market by pulling up the price, and then makes a profit at the high level. Prices will plummet during the shipment process.

The Mario trend is the most wonderful kind of market in Pump and Dump, which is often the result of the dealer's high degree of control. In the pull-up phase, the dealer allowed the price of the coin to rise evenly to a high level, and in the shipping phase, directly from the highest point to a zero. Because the graphics resemble Super Mario's flag-hunting scene, it is known as the Mario trend.


Dead Cat Bounce : The rebound of the dead cat means that “the market rebounds quickly after a long period of decline, letting you think that the bull market has come, and then it continues to fall rapidly.” Just like a cat falling from a tall building, you know that it is generally impossible to fall.

To Da Moon: It is the selling of the to the moon, and the Chinese translation is a big wood. When the price of Bitcoin was less than one hundred yuan, the slogan was shouted out in the community, meaning that the price of the currency would rise to the moon. The same is true of “When moon?”, “What moon?” and “Where moon?”


FOMO : fear of missing out, afraid to miss the opportunity to make money. Generally, the market suddenly appeared to be good, and the leeks were caught off guard, and they were afraid that they would miss the opportunity.

FUD : On behalf of Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt refers to those investors who are fearful, uncertain, and full of anxiety. The general market is bad, when there is negative news, everyone will say FUF, FUD, FUD!

Fixed investment : An investment strategy that is loyal to many bitcoins as a life attitude, that is, taking part of the income every month to buy coins regularly. Since the price of bitcoin has actually increased by many times in recent years, most people who insist on fixed investment can get good returns. However, because fixed investment is somewhat contrary to human nature, only a few people can adhere to this strategy.

ATH: It is All time high, which refers to the highest point of history of a certain currency.

TTM: stands for "Trading 'Til Moneyless", I want to trade nothing.

Nocoiner: A person who has no currency is at the bottom of the chain of contempt.

Wan Bajia Master & Wan Ba ​​Shen: In 2014, a person named String Theory China sent a post on Baidu Post Bar, saying that the bottom of this round of bitcoin is around 900 yuan, and it can reach $10,000 in 2015-2016. By the beginning of 2015, Bitcoin had fallen to a minimum of 900 yuan. After touching many different voices, string theory China began to re-examine its own judgment. Finally, he changed his initial prediction and adjusted the stage high to 1.8. – 24,000 RMB.



From 2016 to 2017, Bitcoin opened up, and in the first half of 2017, Bitcoin prices exceeded more than eight. The string theory china and its 10,000-day gods are a hit, so everyone calls it a master. Now, we usually refer to the “Millions of Gods” as a single family, and the caller will often publish a screen-style slogan in the community.

Bittheism: A group of people who agree to the status of Bitcoin, calling their community a bit of God. But bitism is just a vague sense of community identity, and there is no strict definition. In fact, there are at least two types of bittheism inside: narrow-minded Poseidians believe that all currencies except Bitcoin will return to zero sooner or later, and only bitcoin will remain in the market, while the generalized Poseidon will It is only believed that Bitcoin will always dominate the cryptocurrency market, and they are willing to use other small currencies to try other currencies in order to achieve higher returns.

In the long run, it is worthless: In 2016, some people asked the prospect of Ethereum in the Babbitt forum. The old people in the currency circle responded that in the long run, it is worthless. Later, because this sentence is catchy, the literary talent is excellent (full of desire for survival), so the community's small partners love to quote, and it is XXX in the long run, worthless.


High water period / dry season: A large proportion of bitcoin mining is used for hydropower, especially for hydropower in Sichuan. One of the great characteristics of hydropower is that the power supply is unstable. During the wet season, the power is sufficient and the price is low. In the dry season, the power is insufficient and the price is expensive.

Candy: Refers to the way in which a digital asset is delivered to a specific address. Simply put, the developer unconditionally gives you some coins for free.

Moving bricks : Because there will always be a price difference between different markets, using the price difference between the exchanges to hedge the arbitrage across the market, it is dubbed "moving bricks."

  Kimchi premium : Korean people are keen to speculate on virtual currency. The local virtual currency price is a lot higher than the overseas market and is dubbed "kimchi premium".

Unplug the network line : It means that the exchange will send you various 404, 502 at the crucial moment, indicating that the exchange server has failed.

Dichlorvos : Currency rights, the exchanges are careful.

You don't want to give me bitcoin . What you let me explain, the answer is Lang Xianping.

The last question, although you didn't ask me, the pie is Bitcoin, the spicy bar is Litecoin, the 姨太太太坊, Otaru is too classic, the grapefruit is EOS , the braised pork is HSR , the ham is HT , yes, People in the currency circle are a group of people eating goods.

I don't want to rely on the talented fat little guy, we will see you next time!



The next notice: the black circle special edition (below) — technical articles

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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