is a social mutation, where will the ideal country of BM end up?

"One world, one EOS." This is the voice of a group of honest believers from the Chinese community.

At 1:50 am on June 15, 2018 Beijing time, the EOS vote rate exceeded 15%, and the main network was officially launched. From that moment on, EOS is like a guide, attracting countless followers.

Time flies like a gap, and the blink of an eye is another year. On the first anniversary of EOS's launch, EOS's soul BM frequently appeared on the telegraph group and on Twitter, and various "selling off the hooks" suffocated the appetite of the people.

"This is the rhythm of doing things." Gao Yue as an old leeks, he predicted that something big will happen.

At 7 am on June 2, all the guesses will be final. At JUNE, launched 1 update and 3 products: EOSIO 2, EOS VM contract speed increased 12 times; released hardware product EOS yubico key; announced cooperation with Coinbase to launch educational products; The finale released the social product "Voice". All of this shows that "BM is doing things, and EOS will be better in the future."

However, investors who have been heavily involved have not benefited. "The cowhide has been blown up by the sky, but the result is not satisfactory." The heavy weight in Gao Yue’s eyes was so good that he sang "Tai Hang people."

But for others, it doesn't seem so bad. Sun Yushi, co-founder of EOS Beijing, told the Nuclear Finance App that the conference released a lot of important information, including hardware and software, security, social, transaction, user education, etc., and the time is compact without drag and tear. "If you are steadily advancing the development of EOS and ecological construction, this is already a good enough news." He showed a consistently calm and sophisticated tone, and thought that this is a valuable currency in the impetuous currency circle.

In these few days, the JUNE conference not only left the rest of the wave, but also triggered a series of hot discussions and reflections. To this end, the Nuclear Finance APP visited a number of EOS ecological participants, practitioners and builders, trying to interpret the return of the EOS glitz after the age of one year.

BM's three "marriage"

BM, the real name Daniel Larimer, and "BM" is an acronym for its network nickname "Byte Master." He is not only a serial entrepreneur, but also has brought the three projects of Bitshares, Steemit and EOS to the top five in the blockchain market capitalization rankings.

In fact, in addition to highlights, there are also dim imprints left in time. The first venture project, Bitshares, was once plagued by funding problems. At the time, BM threw out an alternative solution – “issuing hair”, which led to a lack of shape in the vast ocean of community opposition. During the Steemit project, BM liked to praise beautiful girls, which led to a sigh in the community: humanity has never stood the test.

In addition, geniuses are equipped with a "strange temper", which is especially true in BM.

“BM often throws up a lot of new ideas in the community, which makes people feel annoyed.” Gao Yue’s what he saw and heard was also repeatedly called by many people. In fact, the most criticized is that BM is not performing well when it faces the skeptics. Gao Yue believes that the bickering of each other is not necessary and has lost identity.

At the beginning of EOS, it was announced in a high-profile manner that it would "create a blockchain operating system for a million-level TPS." In the eyes of Gao Yue and a group of senior leeks who can understand the white paper, this "cake" is sweet enough. “The EOS white paper portrays a beautiful blueprint for '100-chain parallelism' and 'Millions TPS', which has to be overwhelmed,” he said.

In fact, there was another voice at the time. Insiders pointed out that EOS is more like a big share of Bitshares and Steemit, and it is a superposition of BM's many years of experience.

Subsequently, the one-year global fundraising reached 4 billion US dollars, becoming the "largest ICO in history." Then, the unprecedented super-node campaign, the twists and turns of the main online line … stunned "routines" wave after wave, all locked the spotlight on the EOS.

In contrast, EOS disputes are also the most. For example, high-performance has not been fulfilled, user thresholds are too high, DApp ecological imbalances, and poor community governance are frequently criticized throughout the industry.

On January 18 this year, the EOS Network Monitor data showed that the EOS main network hit a TPS peak of 6,234 times/second. The phrase "the ideal is very full, the reality is very skinny" and it is shot coldly.

Not only that, but EOS Bank founder and blockchain developer Zhou said that EOS is a leader in the public chain and is not friendly to developers. "Technically, the current programming language is far from complete. There are too few function methods provided by the official, and many classic function methods cannot be implemented. At present, there is not even a symmetric encryption decryption function on EOS, so many Programming is limited. To put it bluntly, 'King of the Glory' can't be produced on the blockchain," she said.

Aside from these difficult and difficult technical terms, in the eyes of ordinary investors, millions of TPS are far away, and it is an indisputable fact that RAM is monopolized by the "yellow cattle party" and "big consortium".

According to Huang Lijun, CEO of NULS, the direction of the public link is the inter-chain ecological interoperability, so that each public chain is no longer an “island of value”, but the core position of the currency circulation. Whether the EOS side chain can set off the banner of cross-chain interoperability remains to be seen.

Malformed road from gambling to yellow

Before the EOS main online line, Ethereum was the only one to attract and develop DApp applications. However, due to limitations in performance and scalability, from “encrypted cats” to “FOMO3D”, the re-applied DApps fell into the network without exception. A stalemate.

On July 12, 2018, EOSBet announced that it had moved away from the Ethereum main network and quickly achieved success on EOS. At that time, the head of the EOSBet project, Xue Er, was hard to hide, saying that EOS would reconstruct a new order of digital civilization. She also said, "The development space of DApp on Ethereum is gradually narrowing, and EOS's advantages in terms of performance and scalability are beginning to stand out."

Since October last year, the Eapp Eco Dapp has begun to explode. At the same time, the "spinach" DApp has been out of control, and has occupied half of the DApp ecosystem for a long time.

DAppReview data shows that as of 12 o'clock on June 9th, there are 547 EOS DApps. Among them, 85 games, accounting for 15%; 7 social, accounting for 1%; 36 for market, accounting for 7%; 300 for spinach, accounting for 55%; 33 for risk, accounting for 33 More than 6%; the other 86, accounting for 16%.

EOS DApp ecological percentage map. Source: DAppReview

"'Spinach' DApp is the highlight of EOS's ecological development. It can be seen that DApp's whole set of profit-making logic and gameplay has become a production line." Zhang Haibo, founder of Genesis MEETUP, believes that EOS has played a bad role in ecological construction. Not only is the "spinach" DApp flooding, but it also seriously consumes the stock of the currency users.

According to data from on June 09, yesterday, there were 182,977 single-day active users of the four major public chain DApps, of which EOS public chain accounted for 62.05%. Among them, the total number of users (a): EOS (113,533)> TRON (50,410)> ETH (19,034)> IOST (9,765); total transactions (pen): EOS (4,521,548)> TRON (742,036)> IOST (298,545) > ETH (66,400); total transaction amount (US$): TRON (10,965,118)> EOS (10,235,204)> ETH (4,228,932)> IOST (438,854).

Comparison of the data of the four major public chains in a single day. Source:

According to the number of single DApp transactions, the Hash Baby, which was popular in February this year, topped the list with obvious advantages. Many industry insiders worry that if Hash Baby leads EOS's DApp ecology to another extreme, and the tail is too big, it may become the focus of the regulatory authorities.

At the JUNE conference, BM is proud of the volume and volume of EOS users. He also said that in terms of the DApp ecosystem, the performance of other blockchains seems to be dwarfed by EOS.

In this regard, IMEOS CMO Zhang Hao is deeply concerned. He pointed out that EOS has ranked first in the 12 consecutive weeks from the global public chain technology evaluation index released by the CCID Research Institute. At present, EOS has not only achieved an absolute leading position in DApp, but the number of accounts registered on the main network has also exceeded 1.2 million.

However, Decrypt recently reported that a study from AnChain.AI showed that only one in four transactions in EOS Dapp was generated by real people, and 75% of transactions were high-frequency transactions using robotic accounts using automated procedures. . In addition, the report found that half of all EOS accounts using DApp are robots.

PeckShield data also shows that last year's smash hit "D spinach" DApp "BetDice" has about 20,000 EOS accounts created by 10 EOS accounts in the same period. As the 10 account secondary accounts, it accounts for the game's total smart contract transactions. 57% of the number of accounts. This can be seen. to social mutation

“It’s been a bit impetuous recently, and it’s been in the anxiety and excitement of the JUNE conference.” However, with the end of the turmoil of the conference, Gao’s long-awaited good rumors have been lost, and the volatility continues.

In this regard, Gao Yue is quite vocal. "BM is the soul of EOS, and its remarks are inconsistent, and it hurts people." He muttered to himself.

Compared to the singularity of investors, Wang Chengsong, co-founder and CTO of the EOS Store as a developer, has gained confidence. In his view, first of all, the underlying foundation of virtual machines, concurrency, etc. is consolidated, which helps to carry large applications. Second, is exploring new applications, and they are not satisfied with the current state of "spinach" and game DApp.

Without exception, after the conference, the industry focused on the social media platform Voice developed by They believe that Voice as the official social application platform of EOS, this is a signal that EOS leads the DApp ecological turn, and it is the breakthrough point for EOS to practice the blockchain application.

"EOS's move is obviously more strategic." Zhang Hao said that Voice may be the iconic product to transform the social ecology with decentralization. He also believes that in the Internet competition, Tencent has proved that "social people get the world", and EOS hit the social media card, perhaps even the "spinach public chain" hat.

The Nuclear Finance APP learned that among the social products currently on the market, users as the producers of content did not receive revenue, and the social platform is the biggest beneficiary.

"The emergence of Voice is to change the current status quo," said CEO Brendan Blumer (BB).

From the official website description, Voice will design through the Token model to stimulate the creation, sharing, discovery and promotion of high-quality content, and establish a social media platform composed of real users, not robots or zombie accounts.

It should be pointed out that in the EOS network, the above operations need to consume the resources of the EOS system, but in the Voice, the required EOS resources are all provided by the, eliminating the RAM and CPU paid by the ordinary users. And other resource costs.

Based on this, used the 3.3 million EOS in the 9.8 million EOS unlocked to purchase memory as early as May 28, which not only caused RAM to skyrocket more than 200%, but also topped the RAM resource list. . As of 15:00 on June 9th, bought a total of 31.95GB of EOS RAM resources, accounting for 27.1% of the entire ecosystem.

The RAM resource leaderboard in the EOS network. Source: IMEOS

Gao Yue told the Nuclear Finance APP that’s move broke the “Yellow Party” that sold RAM resources, making it a big profit. Therefore, investors familiar with EOS speculate that Voice will also receive official attention.

Currently, Voice has opened a beta registration. On June 2, BB also said on Twitter that the Voice Token is designed to decentralize the attention economy. Social media is a type of attention economy that is monopolized by companies that own the platform. Voice returns control to the user via the Voice Token, rather than auctioning the highest bidder.

BB said on Twitter that the Voice token is designed to decentralize the attention economy. Source: BB Twitter

Gao Yue’s fist to the nuclear financial APP said, “Voice is the first anniversary of EOS, and it’s too early to make a fortune.” The implication is that regardless of the success of the Voice, let’s make a profit.

In comparison, there are many people who sing the decline. Zhang Haibo said that all the gorgeous packaging should return to the logic of bringing incremental funds and incremental users to the blockchain world.

Text: Vincent, Nuclear Finance APP Deep Nuclear Report

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