Comment: Everyone shouts "Sun Yuchen"

Everyone shouts… This should be an open proposition for the national college entrance examination this year.

For example: everyone shouts "wei business", everyone shouts "too much", everyone shouts "female anchor", everyone shouts "blockchain"

The subtitle is "On the moral superiority of the Internet elites". They worry about the world and worry about it. We worry that the micro-businesses will use the fake "killing" to pollute the WeChat circle of friends; worrying about the infringement of the cottage to disrupt the normal price order of the market; The anchor sings the edge ball with no errands to absorb gold; the worry blockchain cuts the leeks in the name of the technological revolution without a bottom line.

Most of the worries of this kind of concern are the big V of science and technology and the financial circle, and the same batch of people should have taken the shot of Sun Fuchen’s lunch at Buffett.

Standing at the highest point of morality, their worries may have some truth, but standing in front of the rolling wheels of the commercial and market, no matter how much they are embarrassed, there are always people who make a micro-business and earn a lot of money. As for the Nasdaq listing, the female anchors still have hundreds of thousands of monthly incomes, and the blockchain cryptocurrency market has already had a market value of more than $250 billion.

Ask, what did they change? Noise

Big V Caoz mentioned the third law of stupidity in the latest article "I heard that you want to speculate": the crazy harvest is stupid and finally stupid, but trying to wake up the stupid is stupid.

The truth is that everyone is the stupidity in the eyes of others, but it’s no problem that people who are lucky enough to make money are stupid and not stupid, and those who are bad luck can only be stupid and always stupid and stupid, and they are stupid and stupid. .

Everyone shouts is not "Sun Yuchen"

On June 4th, the founder of the wave field, Sun Yuchen, announced that he had taken the 20th Buffett Charity Lunch with a record price of about 31.53 million yuan. Prior to this, the post-90s teenager also had a number of labels, such as: "Ma Yun disciple", "China Forbes under the age of 30 entrepreneurs", "2014 Davos Forum global outstanding young people" and so on.

However, these glory paradoxes do not seem to buy the account, but instead gave him several other labels, such as "marketing ghosts", "coin circle Jia Yueting", "cutting the leek", "showing the wealthy people", "liar", etc. .

However, for Sun Yuchen, being detained is just an alternative "favorite". He is just a young man with a little luck.

Sun Yuchen is not a street mouse, and it is harmless to everyone. Everyone is actually not "Sun Yuchen", but the "blockchain" behind it that most people don't understand.

In the blockchain world, Sun Yuchen is a small achievement, but in the traditional Internet technology financial circle, everyone does not agree with the way they obtain wealth.

Sun Yuchen’s first bucket of gold was obtained by speculating bitcoin, and speculation was just speculative, which was not enough for most elites.

Sun Yuchen’s wealth freedom is obtained through 1CO, and 1CO is regulated by the government order. It is the wealth of cutting leeks contaminated with blood and tears, and is rejected by most elites.

Sun Yuchen’s fame was obtained through speculation, and the hype was also the act of the rich and the rich, and was angered by most elites.

If it is necessary to say that Sun Yuchen is wrong, the mistake is wrong. He earned money in the way that others “can’t understand”, but he was stunned by others’ “seeing”.

The so-called muffled big fortune is the truth.

Blockchain is not equal to speculation

Blockchain technology is not exactly equal to speculative currency, and cryptocurrency is only the area that is most likely to cause concern in the initial development of blockchain technology. The blockchain also includes many technical development directions such as public chain, cross-chain side chain, alliance chain, DApp ecology, DeFi, etc. The single-chain consensus is divided into POW, POS, DPOS, etc. The code agreement has Layer 1 and Layer 2, etc. do not.

It should be said that in addition to speculative coins, the community has made many attempts and efforts in improving the efficiency, scalability and security of blockchain in these years.

However, in some unseen foreigners, the blockchain industry can be simply and roughly summarized as "fried coins."

The reason they say this is also full of hatred, because there are always a lot of people around the world with a variety of monsters such as "selling coins, model coins, resonance coins" to disgust them, tell them that those are the real blockchain. They also knew at the outset that those projects could not represent the real level of the blockchain, but when they had the heart to follow the mainstream crowd to participate in the blockchain, the problem came:

1. I have long been accustomed to the traditional Internet account registration system. After the account password is lost, I think I can get it with a mobile phone number and ID card. However, in the blockchain world, I found that even a bunch of private keys and mnemonics are involved. I don't understand, I don't keep it well, I lose a lot of digital assets.

2, that the blockchain industry can make money with closed eyes, rush to empty the stock account, and even take out the money to buy a house and a wife to fill the layout of a certain currency, but let the capital more powerful than the market into the market earlier The banker's harvest was a handful. After the quilt cover, he could have invested in long-term value. In the end, he was unable to withstand the horror of time. After the majority of the principal was lost, the meat was cut off.

Because it is misleading, because I can't read it, because I don't learn, because I was hurt, the last thing is not white or black, and the powder turns black.

This is the underlying logic that most people hate blockchains.

Most of the people and things you hear about "fried coins are cut into leeks" come from the loser that was eliminated by this emerging industry. The “blockchain” in their cognition is full of blood and violence, full of negative energy, and is not really the real thing in this industry.

In fact, those who really make money in the blockchain industry are mostly those who are well versed in the development of the industry, and who have leading cognitive and extraordinary beliefs and are able to withstand loneliness. In the cryptocurrency, Li Xiaolai and Zhao Dong have experienced the atmosphere of wealth. Zhao Dong's example is the most obvious. In 2014, three explosions were made, mining was unable to make ends meet, and the debt was 60 million. It is still stuck in the blockchain industry. In exchange for the ordinary people, they have already left the market.

The secret to their success is just speculation, speculation, and they are all "swindlers", is it appropriate?

1CO is not necessarily just "cutting leek"

Many successful projects such as Ethereum, EOS, NEO, ONT, etc. have all experienced 1CO. As a subversive investment and financing model, 1CO has indeed provided some projects with a fund base in the early stage, which provides guarantee for subsequent technology research and development and market operation and maintenance.

In 2017, the reason why Nabo Bull Market set off a blockchain prosperity was essentially that the 1CO model was popular in the market.

Because in the past few years, the investment in the primary market has been controlled by a small number of industry amnesties and investment institutions. The value of the public investment investment only waits until the company goes public in the secondary market. However, by the time of the listing, the dividends have long been exhausted by early investors, and the possibility that retail investors can obtain high returns is already small. Especially in the Internet in recent years, the performance is particularly obvious. Many stocks will go down the channel after they have skyrocketed after listing, until the final break, the opportunity to make money is really embarrassing.

The 1CO reversed the investment and financing method of the project from the angel turn to the PreA, A, B, and C rounds. At the beginning of the project, it is equivalent to listing in the secondary market. Ordinary users can participate in the investment of some projects earlier, and enjoy the investment income of higher multiples.

This is a kind of investment and financing mode that allows the public to have the opportunity to enjoy the dividend of the equity. However, due to the lack of endorsement of the rights and trust institutions and the lack of policy supervision, some of the cattle and ghosts who are waiting for the opportunity to make profits are mixed in, and then there is the altcoin The chaos of "cutting leeks" such as pyramid money.

However, it cannot be said that an industry disorder negates its original value. In the early 1CO mainstream currency, the current market value is high, the technology is constantly iterating, and the DApp ecosystem is gradually forming projects. Early investors also have a hundredfold or even thousands of times return. Can you say that they are just cutting the leek? ?

There is a typical example, such as BNB, the coin is broken and fell to 6 cents, many people 骂 Zhao Changpeng cut the leeks, but now BNB has risen to more than 200 yuan, you will also say BNB cut leeks? Those who leave the field after breaking the hair will probably regret that the intestines are green.

Of course, the blockchain industry is also lacking in a variety of false scams from the beginning, and indeed cut a lot of leeks.

However, the trick of deceiving leeks is probably not only in the blockchain industry, but also in the stock market and the Internet. In-depth analysis will reveal that as long as there is a lack of cognition, it is inevitable to cut the leek. Why is the blockchain becoming the hardest hit area for cutting leeks and becoming the target of everyone?

1, cut amaranth stems from quick success. A lot of funds and pyramid schemes are madly cutting leeks with the banner of making people fast. Many people know that it is a garbage project, and they will participate in the lucky state of mind until they are completely harvested and still have the dream of becoming rich. This type of person is actually not stupid, just greedy.

2, cut amaranth stems from cognitive defects. Like the traditional stock secondary market, the cryptocurrency market is more variable in 7*24 hours and T+0 mode, and the market trend is more complicated. Many speculators, blindly chasing high in the absence of basic cognitive judgments, cut their flesh when they collapsed. On the surface, it seems that this market has deceived him. It is better to say that it is not enough to pay the IQ tax.

The development of any emerging industry is bound to experience the process of popularization from the minority to the public, which is indispensable to the public's incomprehension and criticism. This is especially true as a technology block that is inherently high in the blockchain industry. In other words, when these people who do not understand finally understand, the people who have been criticized finally enter the scene, and those who hold the faith and remain in the industry are also in the harvest season.

Cruel, those who are smashing the eucalyptus in the emerging industry will eventually be driven by the wheel of history and become a real big leek.

Those who are not willing to use bank cards for passbooks, those who are not willing to use Alipay in cash, those who believe that Ma Huateng’s birthday is forwarded to Q coins, and those who are indiscriminate, What is the difference?

Because their cognitive deficiencies create a time lag effect, any market dividend will be given priority to those who go to sea.

Hug the correct posture of the blockchain

In summary, how can we welcome the arrival of the blockchain era dividend?

1. Do not speculate on coins and make long-term value investments. Specifically, it is necessary to invest in some cryptocurrencies that are ranked higher in market value and gain consensus from the mainstream. For example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and other projects that have experienced long-term tests. After investing, if you don't understand it, don't blindly operate it. Simply ask the Buddha to hold the currency. Of course, if you can understand some financial market operation logic, it is not unreasonable to properly invest in compound interest.

2. Do not speculate, stay away from non-value currencies. This refers to a number of items such as altcoin, model currency, pyramid currency, and resonance coin, which are all operated by innovative models. Although this kind of project can have some pull-up gains in the short-term, most of them are just rich in paper. You see his bonus pool. He is looking at your principal. The same is true for some IEO projects, including cautious participation. It is best to stay away.

3. Study hard and improve the industry's cognitive level. The blockchain is ultimately a technology-driven avant-garde field. Currently, only a very small number of geeks can play, and most ordinary people have cognitive GAP and learning thresholds. Moreover, this industry is still at an early stage, technological innovation is faster, and the industry's ecological changes are also fast. Only by continuously strengthening learning can we maintain a keen sense of consistency with the market, in order to avoid some obvious pits and seize some potential opportunities. Not long ago, some people from the unlocked 9.8 million EOS and EOS will release a lot of information on social products. In advance, BM may purchase a large amount of RAM, which will drive the RAM market to rise, so ambush ahead of time and earn nearly one million overnight. Fresh example. This is the additional wealth effect after cognition is in place.


In short, there are still a large number of unknown possibilities in the blockchain industry that are still in the early stages of development. It is also driven by different cognitions. Some people believe that the beliefs of the emerging industry are the adventurers of the emerging industry and the first to eat crabs. People, some people shouted swindlers, became a group of boring people who would only stand in the traditional field of moral high-level commentary, and finally became a poor clown who missed the dividend of the times.

Obviously, Sun Yuchen has already recognized this.

Because he said: "I would rather do the nickname to do things well, not to be a tragic hero."


There is no such thing as a tall concept, no unconventional technical explanations, only the most popular business, the most keen perspective, and the most unique insights. I am still a poor elementary school student in the blockchain industry. The article thinks and thinks about it. It is a broken thought. You are not smiling inside the circle. You are welcome to learn from it. Author's WeChat: tmel0211

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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