Are you suitable to join the currency circle? Speaking from Facebook's Stabilizer Program

In 2008, Shirley Kara Sandberg joined Facebook as COO of COO. Facebook has recently been released to issue a stable currency, which has caused a collective climax in the encrypted digital currency community. Why is the world's top company, only Facebook dare to stand up to send money? Google, Microsoft, Apple, Tencent, Ali, Amazon, …, they don't do it, why is it the turn of Facebook?


Sandberg is now a commercial star in Silicon Valley and the world. But his early career was a civil servant. She is a child in Washington, DC. She graduated from Harvard and has been active in politics. She was the chief of the US Treasury Secretary of the Bill Clinton administration. I don't know which one is wrong, I want to abandon politics and business. In 2001, went to Google for an interview.

Google in 2001 is not the current world giant. At the end of 1998, Google was founded. In 2001, Internet companies were all facing the shadow of the Internet bubble. Where can Google go? Sandberg is hesitant. But at the time, Google CEO Schmidt said a word to her, let her completely resolve to abandon politics and join the Internet industry.

Schmidt said: "If someone gives you a position on the rocket, then don't worry about the location, the ticket is OK, go up and talk."

Sandberg has been active in the Internet to this day, including various titles including "Time", and many countless. Sandberg, who later left Google, was dug away by Facebook. The words of Schmidt were also publicized by Sandberg and became famous.

Why is Facebook sending stable currency? I am not a commercial detective, nor a Facebook person. I am not qualified to answer. This sentence of Schmidt is our outsider and is undoubtedly one of the best answers.

Encrypting digital currency and blockchain is undoubtedly a "rocket" and a big gust. But this is a macro perspective, what you see is the growth of wealth. If you really look at a company in this industry, individual, you may say that the vast majority have said that there are countless times: this industry is really Low.

Now I want to join this industry, let you have more talents, and you can only choose a station ticket next to the toilet to give you a position.

The college entrance examination has just ended, and the topic of Chinese career choice will be a peak again. The most promising career in the minds of most Chinese people is of course civil servants, big companies, doctors and teachers. These occupations are of course good, stable, welfare, reputation… but they are not rockets, sorry.

I have come across a lot of questions to ask if I want to find an official and part-time job in the blockchain and encrypted digital currency industry. I also have a lot of inquiries about whether or not to buy coins.

I really don't know that every individual has its own uniqueness. The reason is just truth. Everyone has no idea what to do. Because the ultimate responsibility can only be the individual, so you can only listen to the truth, the decision is yours, and the consequences are your own.

Putting aside the "rocket on the rocket" and "pig in the vent", which encourages everyone to join the hot industry, specifically to the encrypted digital currency and blockchain industry, there are at least two benefits.

The first is in the currency circle, which can greatly enhance your understanding of "wealth".

This is almost the kind of understanding that all other industries, including those in the financial industry, can't appreciate. The currency circle is the closest industry to money.

In the currency circle, everyone is discussing money and discussing making money. This is the biggest topic. Discussing technology compared to discussing wealth is already a negligible topic.

We can talk from a variety of experts from zero to rich, you can see a variety of projects, from air to wealth. Look at how they do things and see how they integrate resources and respond to crises.

In the currency circle, almost all behaviors have a feedback mechanism of wealth, and I will always rate you. You can also observe other people's actions and ratings. This is the shortest feedback mechanism that ordinary people can access and wealth.

I used to do mechanical design. For many years, the understanding of money and wealth was a negative point. Because all my efforts, at least one year, the year-end award, in order to get a "money" evaluation system. I take this annual review to correct my behavior. Once a year, comrades. If we are not a person who is good at abstract thinking, in a system that does not evaluate feedback in a timely manner, waiting can only be a long stop to grow.

In the currency circle, you are immersed in an "air" made up of wealth every day, and you breathe wealth. You naturally know that what is important and what is important in this field.

But is it good to be a "financial fan", or is it not good? Oh, this is another question of values, no standard answer.

The second is in the currency circle, you can fully experience what it means to be "responsible for yourself."

We watch TV movies. In the quarrel, we often see people saying, "I have a problem! Negative! Responsibility!" What does “responsible” mean? What is "self" is actually a philosophical question.

Currency, the behavior of many currency holders is that they have made it themselves, and they bear all the consequences. There is no intermediary to help you analyze and share. The coin is decentralized. It is really that there is no middleman in many places to help you take responsibility. For example, if you forget your wallet password, your currency will be lost. No one can help you. Another example is that the project you invested in has run away, and the police rarely manage it.

You can also see many negative examples that are not responsible for your actions. A large number of coins, a large number of silly X, a large number of inexplicable rights, a large number of running …

In the currency circle, a lot of behaviors, you will always feel this kind of decision, your own actions, the complete cycle of your own responsibility, and negative cases. Feel free to educate you on why you are responsible.

We will encounter countless selfs in our life, self in a small moment, self-working self, poor self, rich self… Whether you are happy or unfortunate, you are the root of everything, the sooner you know this The better.

I am not advising others to join the encrypted digital currency and blockchain industry, and it is not recommended to buy coins. I just share one truth and share a thought. In the era of great change, many people can't understand anything, but as long as we look at the general direction, there is nothing wrong with getting on the bus first. That's right. If you find it inappropriate, you can get off the bus quickly. If you don't get on the bus, the car won't wait for you, but you won't get off the bus. You don't need to wait for the car to stop. You can jump on your own.

Finally, please note. People who can't insist on being good people are not suitable to join the currency circle. In this industry, you can often see the case of bad guys making a fortune. If you can't hold it, you will soon learn to become a bad person. It’s not good to be a bad person.

Author: Huang Shiliang

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