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Blockchain security | 19 security incidents in March, DeFi security issues highlighted

Editor's Note: This article has been deleted without altering the author's original intention. According to the data from the PeckShield situational awareness platform, in the past month, a total of 19 prominent security incidents occurred in the entire blockchain ecosystem. The degree of damage was rated as "intermediate", and the amount of damage reached 10 […]

Tether's market value exceeds $ 6 billion. Investors "load bullets" are ready to make a dip?

The cryptocurrency market has been anxiously waiting for the reversal of the overall bearish trend. However, on the other hand, stablecoins have made a profit, and more and more stablecoins have recently been regarded as an accumulated asset. In fact, the latest Coin Metrics report shows an increase in the issuance of these stablecoins, adding […]

How to choose the cryptography technology? Revisiting the Security Model of Engineering Capability Boundaries

Author: Li Haoxuan Source: Weizhong Bank Blockchain Unbreakable cryptographic algorithms are also afraid of physical attacks? Why does a physical signal leak threaten the effectiveness of privacy protection? What is the privacy protection plan about the deployment environment? How to design a privacy protection scheme in an untrusted execution environment? Here, we will continue to […]

Ethereum 2.0 will release the latest version of the code specification v0.11.1, giving a green light to the multi-client test network release

Trustnodes reported on March 31 that Ethereum 2.0 client developers are currently working to implement the latest specifications released after a code audit. Image source: Pixabay Ethereum 2.0 coordinator Danny Ryan said the release "fixes some bugs found in the Phase 0 specification and will continue to refine the network specifications as the client team […]

MakerDAO's first debt auction ends, Paradigm becomes biggest winner

In a series of MKR auctions, cryptocurrency investment company Paradigm was the biggest winner. The auction was held from March 19th to March 28th and raised a total of 5.3 million DAI. DAI is the stable currency in the MakerDAO system and is pegged to the US dollar. During the auction, 20,980 MKRs (governance tokens […]

Xi Jinping: Using cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain energy to promote urban management innovation

Editor's Note: The original title was "Xi Jinping's emphasis on coordinating and advancing epidemic prevention and economic and social development during his inspection in Zhejiang and striving to achieve this year's economic and social development goals and tasks" Source: Xinhua News Agency Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, April 1st. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Central […]

QKL123 market analysis | The Federal Reserve will move again, can it survive the constant stimulation? (0401)

Abstract: The market is changing soon, pay attention to risk prevention. The Fed made another move to stabilize the operation of the national debt market. A new round of stimulus is being prepared. The epidemic situation is relatively better. The sad thing is the corporate debt bubble. At 10:30 today, the 8BTCCI broad market index […]

Bitcoin mining revenue has increased 20-fold in 6 years. Can miners continue to make profits after halving?

According to Decrpyt's April 1 report, Bitcoin mining revenue has increased from US $ 260 million in 2013 to US $ 5 billion last year, an increase of nearly 20 times, but what effect will the halving have on mining revenue? According to Statista's global bitcoin mining revenue, we can see that mining revenue broke […]

Opinion | Professor of the Chinese People's Congress: China needs to promote the construction of a sovereign digital currency to build a fair and just new international political and economic order

Editor's Note: The original title was "Sovereign Digital Currency, Fintech Innovation, and the Reform of the International Monetary System-Also on the Issuance, Circulation, and Internationalization of Digital RMB" Author: Paul built cloud Source: Beijing Institute of International Economics and Trade [Keywords] sovereign digital currency, financial technology innovation, digital renminbi, international currency system reform [Summary] Sovereign […]

The secret history of Bitcoin: those who leave a message on the Bitcoin blockchain

Source: Hash Pie Author: LucyCheng "Diamonds last forever, one will last forever." Like diamond's ad, lettering on the Bitcoin blockchain can achieve similar results. For example, the only words left on social media will disappear due to the company's failure or the failure of the computer room. The vows carved on the stone will gradually […]