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Don't wait for the road to wake up: the key points of blockchain project compliance review

Source: Weiyang Network Author: Zhang Hao (deputy director of the Beijing Heng Law Firm Internet Legal Department) In recent years, blockchain technology has developed rapidly, and companies or projects related to blockchain have blossomed everywhere. Although the National Internet Information Office issued the "Regulations on the Management of Blockchain Information Services" and the list of […]

Baidu, Ant, and Tencent on the Forbes Blockchain Top 50: Industry Blockchain Weekly Highlights

By Wang Qiao Edit / Sole Show This week, Forbes released a list of the top 50 blockchains. Chinese technology giants Baidu, Ant Financial, and Tencent were on the list. The continuous changes in the banking industry have put pressure on traditional financial institutions. HSBC will lay off 35,000 people and dump $ 100 billion. […]

To achieve a 10,000-fold expansion of Bitcoin, what is the new agreement Prism created by MIT and Stanford?

Note: This article is a record of Stanford Blockchain Week's speech. It is a speech by Lei Yang from MIT, entitled "Prism: 10,000 times the expansion of Bitcoin". Hello everyone. I am very happy to talk about our implementation and evaluation of the Prism consensus protocol, which is 10,000 times better than Bitcoin. This is […]

Flash loan strategy: Can an attacker take Maker's $ 700 million collateral?

Foreword: Since the bZx incident, flash loans have become familiar to everyone. What happens if I use a flash loan to make a governance attack on Maker? Before the flash loan, the cost of launching a governance attack was very high. A crowdfunding strategy may be used. With flash loan, as long as there is […]

Data analysis of 731 companies worldwide: How does the market react to companies involved in blockchain?

Original: Journal of Banking and Finance Author: Daniel Cahill, Dirk G. Baur, Zhangxin Liu, Joey W. Yang Source of this article: Institute of Financial Technology of the People's Congress (id: ruc_fintech) Compilation: Zhou Rong What is the investment potential of the blockchain? "Still Blockchain: How Does the Market react to companies involved in Blockchain? 》 […]

Vitalik's latest speech: 51% of nested attacks become a deadly threat to PoW blockchain, PoS is the only way out

From February 20th to 22nd, Beijing time, the 2020 Stanford Blockchain Conference hosted by Findora was held at Stanford University. This meeting focused on security engineering and risk management methods in blockchain systems, and explored the application of encryption technology. , Decentralized protocols, formal methods, and empirical analysis to improve the security of blockchain systems. […]

How is the value logic of Bitcoin different from Buffett's stock logic?

After having dinner with the founder of a blockchain project, Buffett re-published his views on Bitcoin the day before yesterday: "I would rather buy land than bitcoin." This sentence is obviously not optimistic about Bitcoin, but this is different from Buffett's previous point of view. Previously, Buffett described Bitcoin like this: "Bitcoin is a gambling […]

Babbitt Column | Understanding the Decentralization of Cryptocurrencies

In early 2020, the co-founder of the cross-chain star project Cosmos Jae announced that he would leave Cosmos. Many people joked that this move can effectively promote the decentralization of Cosmos. BCH started to show a case of decentralized governance to the coin circle in 2020. Satoshi Nakamoto's departure from Bitcoin has become a story […]

SheKnows 丨 Bitcoin halves wealth not halved! Miner's "Operation Guide" gives you directions

On the afternoon of February 21, Babbitt's first community interview column, SheKnows, ushered in a mining session. There are only 80 days left until Bitcoin is halved. The event invites Ao Gang, Vice President of Core Motion Technology, Chen Lei, Founder of Blue Whale Blockchain, and Yang Zhou, Founder and CEO of PayPal Finance, to […]

Jincha failed? Analysts say Bitcoin will continue to rise after price correction

In the past few days, many people have talked on social media about the technical fork of Bitcoin forming a golden fork. The scallion article mentioned earlier that the cross formed by the 50-day moving average crossing the 200-day moving average is a very important technical indicator, indicating that a bull market trend is forming. […]