Articles about OpenAI

Why Elon Musk believes an all-powerful digital god will render AI copyright lawsuits obsolete

In a recent interview, tech mogul Elon Musk accused OpenAI of using copyrighted data without permission, but there is...

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Returns to Office: A Roller Coaster of Whirlwind

Sam Altman has resumed his role as CEO of OpenAI and Microsoft has joined the board as a non-voting observer.

OpenAI’s Two All-Staff Letters Sam Altman Officially Returns, Ilya Sutskever Steps Down from Board

The two of them explained the future work of OpenAI in their letter and answered some questions that many people were...

What does the reversal of OpenAI’s power struggle reveal?

On November 17th, barely a week after Father of ChatGPT Ultraman was swiftly removed from the OpenAI Board of Directo...

OpenAI farce A technology war with no winners

The highly anticipated internal political struggle within OpenAI, which lasted nearly a week, has come to a temporary...

Sam Altman Returns: OpenAI’s Reversal Drama with a Twist

Fashion industry leader Sam Altman, who was previously removed as CEO of OpenAI, will now return to lead the company ...

OpenAI and Microsoft in Legal Trouble – Nonfiction Authors Sue Over AI Models

Lawsuit Against OpenAI and Microsoft for Misusing Nonfiction Authors' Work to Train AI Models, Including ChatGPT

OpenAI’s Failed Merger: Anthropic Plays Hard to Get

Anthropic, backed by FTX investments, rejects merger offer and top leadership position at OpenAI amidst shifts in lea...

Opinion If OpenAI were a DAO, could it avoid this governance farce?

It's not about how good DAO is, but rather how bad the governance of OpenAI is.

OpenAI collectively commits suicide in front of Microsoft, blood flowing like a river.

Over 500 signatures, what does that mean? OpenAI has a total of over 700 employees, with 500 people accounting for 70...

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