Blockchain changer, UPE resonance starts strong

A practical digital cryptocurrency is the real digital cryptocurrency.

UPE is a blockchain digital currency with practical uses. This is the essence of its difference with most other currencies. To make it easier for everyone to understand, let's start with the well-known crowdfunding model (Crowdfunding).

Crowdfunding stems from the term "crowdfunding" abroad. As the name suggests, it is to use the power of everyone to concentrate on the funds, abilities and channels of each other, and provide necessary financial assistance for small and micro enterprises, artists or individuals to carry out certain activities.

Up to now, there are about 20 domestic equity crowdfunding platforms, among which the fastest-growing angels have raised 300 million yuan for 100 entrepreneurial projects. Jingdong, Taobao, Xiaomi and Suning all have their own intelligent technology product crowdfunding platforms.

With this in mind, let's take a look at the most typical successful crowdfunding case on the market.

Crowdfunding business, classic case

In the case of the most famous Tesla project, in the early operation of the Tesla project, Musk gave the user a deposit (in the United States, Tesla Model 3 is only $1,000, and in China it is 10,000 RMB. The Sla Model S crowdfunding is $5,000) to get involved.

Users will have a great deal of choice to configure their own cars, and Tesla will make them standard in the second version for users' favorite options. Then, in the five or six years after the Tesla Model S went public, its version iteration was like this. The result of a simple approach like Tesla is to subvert the business model of the automotive industry.

In China, there is also a well-known company that has studied Tesla's model and has achieved great success, namely Xiaomi. We can think about the Xiaomi mobile phone and other products in the mi product line. Combining the characteristics of China with the characteristics of its own industry, Xiaomi uses the benefits of crowdfunding economy in disguise. From traditional capital crowdfunding, to concept crowdfunding, symbolic crowdfunding, to bind users when competing with similar companies.

However, both Tesla and Xiaomi are still at the intermediate stage of the crowdfunding economy. Further crowdfunding is to integrate the financial system into the manufacture and circulation of goods.

In fact, the current blockchain new project itself can also be implemented in this way. Low cost, low risk and high efficiency. Moreover, the investor does not have to be a bank, it can be a small and medium-sized investment institution, or even every ordinary person. This achieves a high level of crowdfunding in the true sense.

The bonfire is coming back, UPE is coming


UPE – the pinnacle of blockchain decentralized wallet smart contracts. UPE passes the blockchain smart contract, can't tamper with, transparent code mechanism, will take multiple steps of the traditional blockchain project:

1 The company (project party) introduced the concept of blockchain products;

2 The engineer started the design project;

3 project prototypes appear, internal testing;

4 The project is online;

5 “Great coffee station platform”, “institutional endorsement” and “multi-dimensional packaging”, which cost a lot of marketing expenses for product promotion;

6 Making multiple rounds of fundraising scenarios;

7 The community purchases the blockchain project products, and the company (project party) recovers the cost and obtains the profit;

8 The company (project side) continues to upgrade the project (many of the impure project parties, even this step is obliterated).

Simplified into three steps:

1. UPE launches the concept of blockchain project;

2. Get community support, community participation in design, supervision and ruling, and jointly build blockchain projects;

3. The UPE team puts the projects built together and implements the benefits directly to the community.

In this process, UPE shares the results with the community. The community will receive a sustained return, and the vitality of the project will also become long-lasting, so as to enter a virtuous circle and live endlessly. The UPE Token eventually became the entire trust system unit and continued to flow through the UPE ecosystem.

Resonance release, ecological win-win

Resonance issuance, that is, the focus of the token issuance is to redistribute the ownership of the exchange token. More vividly, the assets represented by the token are no longer wholly owned by the project party, but are approved by the whole community to Develop more favorable rules to redistribute to users who contribute to the healthy development of the community. That is to encourage more work and more.

With the development of the industry, many problems have been exposed in the financing of traditional blockchain projects. For example, the supervision of funds is not transparent. For example, the project party has absolute power to interpret, for example, the use of funds cannot be tracked, and even fraud occurs. It is these black sheep that put the development of the blockchain in a precarious situation and completely confront the community and the project side.

UPE's resonant distribution mode can effectively avoid the above problems. In the resonance mode, the project party is only the initiator of the asset aggregation. All the digital assets that enter the contract are completely transparent to the community. The project party only prepays a small portion of the expenses for operation, and most of the rest will be oriented through the open community policy. Community members are open to rewards, and anyone can obtain digital assets in the contract if they meet the reward criteria.

The model of resonance issuance will inevitably subvert the crowdfunding model of the existing blockchain project, so that the blockchain fundraising will no longer become a tool for the project side to circle money, no longer become an opaque information black hole, no longer become a consensus-free online Break the "air coin" that is zero.

On the line, the future is expected

  • UPE resonance rule

Specifically in the UPE ecosystem, 3.5%, that is, 1.75 billion tokens will be used for resonance; the principle of resonance is based on the principle that the earlier the ratio is higher:

The resonance phase will be divided into 1000 sub-phases. The higher the sub-phase is, the higher the ratio of enjoyment and the more UPE Tokens you enjoy. The amount of UPE Token released in the first phase was 3005270. The price of each UPE Token in the first phase is $0.00708. Each stage only matches 21294USD. After reaching 21294USD, immediately move on to the next stage.

  • Resonance formula


PS: n is the stage number


1. When at the initial stage of fundraising (first phase), n=1000, the release of UPE = 3005270; at this time, the unit price of UPE is 0.00708 US dollars;

2. When in the 543th stage of fundraising, n=1000-543=457, the release amount of UPE=1643195; at this time, the unit price of UPE is 0.0129 US dollars;


In summary, after the resonance starts, the UPE allocation ratio will continue to decrease according to the round increment.

The UPE APP was officially released at 15:00 on May 6th, when UPE Global Resonance will be launched. At present, the UPE project is in contact with the first-line exchanges. The initial platform is destined for the big pattern of UPE, and UPE will definitely bring about a substantial change in the blockchain ecology.

Public number: UPE6666

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