Ma Yun's Stabilization Coin Plan: Ant's "Points" Token Plan?

I was concerned about the two news yesterdays, one is Facebook's Libra plan, and the other is Ant's gold-based token plan.

Facebook has completed the acquisition of the cryptocurrency item code "Libra" trademark. The Facebook Stabilization Coin project is code-named Project Libra. Facebook hopes to accelerate its daily cryptocurrency trading applications through its vast user base and prepares to join Visa and MasterCard, two of the world's largest credit card payment companies.

Facebook’s ambition to issue stable currency has been around for a long time, and although the pace of progress of the project is not satisfactory, it is also steadily advancing. By actively acquiring the project trademark, you can see the determination of Facebook to issue stable coins.

Zhang Hui, head of the ant Jinfu blockchain department, mentioned in his speech at the 3rd "Chain Chain Business Summit" that Ant Financial is exploring how to "some form of a token" ) Issue digital assets on the blockchain. These assets are linked to certain values ​​of the physical world, such as legal currency or other types of assets.

Yesterday evening, Ant Financial responded that “some form of token” is not a token, but rather an incentive mechanism similar to points in the alliance chain to promote more efficient synergy and value transfer between enterprises.

Ant Financial is the largest super unicorn in the country. The market value is estimated to be more than 150 billion US dollars. Ma Yun is a natural strategist with a keen insight into the market. Ma Yun once said that I can judge the next 20 years. I believe this is not a rumor.

When Ma Huateng and Li Yanhong still think that cloud service is just a simple upgrade of the server, Alibaba has actively deployed the cloud service market. When Ma Huateng realized the importance of cloud services and developed Tencent Cloud, Alibaba Cloud had already seized most of the market. In the Asia-Pacific market, Alibaba Cloud even surpassed Amazon and Microsoft.

Ma Yun also said that if the bank does not change, we have to change the bank. Alipay was separated from Alibaba, and based on it, a large financial service group Ant Financial Service was formed by collecting online merchant banks, ant small loans, and sesame credit. This is the beginning of the Ma Yun transformation plan.

Ma Yun said: "There are still 1.7 billion people in the world who do not have bank accounts, but most of them have mobile phones. The impact of blockchain on the future of mankind may far exceed our imagination." Thus, Ma Yun on the blockchain The degree of emphasis, and the blockchain may subvert the traditional financial industry.

Let's look at this speech by Ant Jinhui Zhang Hui, which issues digital assets on the blockchain that are linked to certain values ​​of the physical world, such as legal currency or other types of assets. Generally speaking, digital assets are issued based on real assets, and in other words, real money is mortgaged and digital assets are issued. There are two kinds of understandings, one is asset chaining and the other is stable currency.

In the evening, the ants responded that this is a point. Due to the unclear attitude of the domestic high-level supervision. The ant high-level speech as a unicorn must be carefully focused, so the evening response can be regarded as a response to the top.

What is a point? According to the Wall Street Journal, the Facebook Stabilization Project may be integrated into the advertising ecosystem. Merchants can use the stable currency to pay for advertising, and users can get stable credit points rewards from readings. The Libra project looks a bit like a loyalty points system.

Based on the legal currency, the Q currency is issued; based on the legal currency, the points are issued. If the points and Q coins can guarantee the stability of their value through certain means, in a sense, they are stable coins, but they are called different.

Stabilizing coins is a huge cake, and the future will challenge the market position of the French currency. Many foreign companies have already launched stable currency projects. On February 14 this year, JP Morgan, one of the largest banks in the United States, announced that it had completed the development and testing of its own digital currency, JPM Coin. On March 19th, IBM official news: IBM's World Wire blockchain began to open services to 72 countries and 47 currency payments, supporting stable currency and cryptocurrency. FACEBOOK is preparing to issue a stable currency project, Project Libra, and Samsung is also preparing to issue stable coins.

The war of stabilizing coins is essentially a struggle for coinage. The issuance of stable currency based on the legal currency can also be seen as a kind of storage, which can accumulate a huge pool of funds, which can be seen from the USDT.

As a strategist who can gain insight into the opportunities of the next 20 years, Ma Yun is unlikely to see the huge opportunities and opportunities contained in it.

However, at present, due to regulatory reasons, there is no company that develops stable currency. The two platforms that launch the stable currency plan are OK and the fire currency is also registered overseas.

It is impossible for Ant Financial to develop stable coins and bypass regulation. Therefore, it can only claim that the development is the points in the alliance chain. But once the regulation is released, I believe that the old horse will definitely take the lead. For the current ant gold service, investing in foreign high-quality stable currency projects is also a good choice.

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