Find this bus! The Wenkleworth brothers launched the 1 BTC challenge

Gemini, the bitcoin exchange created by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, also began to experience the fun of cryptocurrency competition. As soon as you capture Gemini's cryptocurrency bus, the Wenkleworth twins will pick the best photo and send out a bitcoin. This game will definitely resonate with people inside and outside the circle. The price of Bitcoin is currently around $5,700, and many people believe in the future of Tumu.


Although the competition is not as attractive on Twitter as Tesla, the founder of Tron, but just started last weekend, and it may be because the Tesla draw of the wave field is messed up. It left a bad impression on the community and they chose to host the event.


According to Tyler, Gemini's cryptocurrency buses are currently available in three cities: San Francisco, Chicago and Washington.

Gemini is known for its “Compliant Cryptographic Currency Exchange”, which has made a lot of effort in a market characterized by the wild west. Even if their stable currency asset Gemini Dollar (GUSD) is compliant, it should be attractive to institutional investors, especially considering the controversy that USDT faces.

In the investor's impression, the Tesla gift from the wave field seems to have not been long. A brief review, the wave field randomly draws a user and rewards one Tesla. After identifying the winners, the team realized that it was not transparent enough in the process. So they re-selected another winner, which is empty for the users who were previously drawn. Under the strong opposition of the cryptocurrency community, the team finally decided to send two Tesla to fulfill the previous promise. This is an expensive mistake for the wave field.

In addition to being able to achieve the effect of the product, the event of cryptocurrency can also attract people outside the cryptocurrency field to make them interested in cryptocurrency.

Recently, Grayscale, a well-known investment institution in the circle, launched the Dropgold (gold drop) campaign to show that Bitcoin is a better value-for-money and hedging compared to gold. This event has received great attention since its launch and has even become a hot word.

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