Blockchain is an unstoppable trend, and optimists are more likely to see the future

Recently, the market has risen and emerging projects have emerged. The exchange is a category that many entrepreneurs are looking for. On June 22nd, at the WBF World Blockchain Conference in Singapore, there was a WBFex exchange. Are they short-term speculations or long-term careers? Wu Peifang, Chairman of WBFex, may answer your key questions and may provide a reference for your decision.


1. Recently, Bitcoin broke through 10,000. How do you think about the market?

Wu: I don't know how to make coins, but I will buy and hold them, so I don't have a good opinion on the market. But in the next two or three years, it will be a rising trend.

2.libra is the biggest hot spot in the near future. If you sing good or bad, are you optimistic or bearish? why?

Wu: I am optimistic. The first is that this is Facebook's expansion in the original business, it is worth looking forward to. The second is trends and trends, and blockchain is an irresistible trend. The third is that Facebook wants to build a digital economy empire. So I am very optimistic.

3. The blockchain industry has a strong cyclicality. Some people appear in the bull market, and the bear market has not seen it. What do you think of this migratory bird entrepreneur?

Wu: The starting point of different people is not the same as the expected goal. It is not so good to do more evaluation. From a macro perspective, Bitcoin is on the rise in a year, from the giants such as Facebook and Softbank. There may be shocks and downsides after one year, but bitcoin is worth holding for a long time.

4. There is a voice in the community that the exchange is the blockchain industry at the top of the food chain. Do you agree with this view? why. Wu: I agree with this point of view. We came back from Wall Street and saw the trend brought by the blockchain and digital currency, so we decided to make an exchange. This is the best era and the worst era. How to look at it is good or bad. When the waves come, we have to look at it with a positive eye, and optimists are more likely to see the future.

5. But there is also a voice saying that the exchange is both a referee and an athlete, and there is a possibility of joint harvesting.

Wu: We want to complete a long-term marathon. This is long-term, not short-term.

6. How many years has this been in the long run?

Wu: We define 20-50 years.

7. If you look at the development cycle of the whole industry or the whole industry, what stage is the blockchain now? What are the characteristics? If you please give the stage of development of the industry, what are the stages, what are the characteristics of each stage? ? What impact will it have on economic law and social life?

Wu: Blockchain is an irreplaceable trend. The blockchain has been around for 10 years and has been validated in time and space dimensions. The trust and incentives have reached a consensus that has changed the relationship between people. This way is to give people the opportunity to follow the wave in the digital world. We have to rely on the market, I like new things, and I don't set limits on myself. Therefore, I think the future cannot be predicted.

8. WFT is your platform currency, the value anchored behind it, what is it?

Wu: All rights and interests of our exchange are anchored behind WFT. WT holders can participate in the construction of WBF ecology in the future, such as: the management rights of ecological funds, voting rights, participation in voting on various projects on the platform, recruitment of OTC acceptors, and so on.

9. What do you think about the value of platform coins? What is the status in the digital currency market?

Wu: The platform currency has little to do with the market. He has a relationship with the exchange's own management. It is the embodiment of the user's confidence in the exchange's self.

10. At present, the development of blockchains in various countries faces regulatory concerns. How do you see the attitude of national supervision?

Wu: We have contacted regulators in Australia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and the United States. The Singapore local government has a relatively good attitude towards the regulatory attitude of embracing and opening up. The hardest part is the United States.

11. What is your cognitive process about blockchain and digital currency?

Wu: I used to do consulting services in the smart manufacturing industry. Teacher Zhao Sheng is my leader. He has contacted a large number of investors in the traditional financial industry. Many people have been paying attention to and discussing in the early years. At first, they bought some digital currency out of curiosity. Later, in 2013, several digital currency exchanges appeared. We found that this virtual currency also had an application scenario and saw the opportunity.

Wu: Later, in 2017, the bull market came, we have a media. But the development of the industry, too much sound in the air. Later we did the classification of ABC, namely artificial intelligence, blockchain, and gene editing. Blockchains are further divided into four categories: finance, applications, services, and technology. By now we have entered the field of exchanges.

12. What is the difference in temperament between practitioners in the traditional financial industry and digital currency?

Wu: People in the traditional field are more pragmatic and pay more attention to the results of business management and business transformation. But people in the digital currency are more about trends and imagination. The blockchain gives me the feeling of being more attractive and imaginative.

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