Blockchain Xiaobian Adventures, I never thought I was picked up by the police…

As an ordinary blockchain dog, it is a normal state of life to cycle through hot spots, hot spots, hot spots, and typesetting editors every day. The only thing that can be plugged in is to reply to the weird questions of the background fans.

But I never imagined that because of this, one day I was actually brought to the door by the police, saying that I had tens of millions of big things…

1.hello on sir

The currency circle is one day, one year in the world. It is another afternoon to pick up articles and choose hot spots.

WeChat suddenly received a friend application, out of professional inertia, immediately remarked to the "article opening" group.

Then, the magical dialogue with the younger brother of the police officer after 90 years was opened:


As a son born in Hong, who grew up in the spring breeze, the police uncles in Xiao Bian's mind are upright and cold. However, when the inner shock has not calmed down, I actually received an expression pack like "sir"…


"Hey? This is the police uncle???", followed by DuangDuangDuang, sent a photo of his ID at sir.

WeChat picture_20190711175008

Shock! Turn around a backhand I ran to ask my colleague Miss Sister who to look for.

Yup. If you have any questions, look for the omnipotent editor.

Editor-in-Chief greatly help me! ! !

2. Wisdom and conscience

When I said incoherently what happened, we gathered the beauty and wisdom of the editor-in-chief, quickly sorted out the ins and outs of things, took over the computer in my hand, began typing, directly made for sir A formal reply:


After sir sent the address of the case, the editor dubbed the cause and information to the security company – PeckShield

The security guard of the shield asked:

"The police brother is asking our address for our company? Is this the news he sent you?"

The editor-in-chief replied:

"He came to our WeChat public account. They didn't understand it very well, but they had an address. They thought we were making a deal. So we said that we can only ask the security company to help check the address."

Not long after, I received the message of sending a shield brother.


At the same time, this fraud case has brought new questions to everyone:

1. Who is laundering money, how is it stolen, and how are victims cheated?

2. Is the identity of the police officer's little brother true?

3. Although some clues have been traced, it is necessary to confirm the case before it can be made public! So the attacking Xiaobian began to act!


3. I called the National Public Security Bureau.

In order to verify the true and false identity of sir, I rummaged through all the search results of Baidu and found the procurement record of the local police station for 17 years.

Carefully called the phone: "Hey, hello, we are the blockchain media Babbitt information, coordinates Hangzhou, you are here xx city xx public security bureau in Henan…"

The voice did not fall, an uncle who was listening to the Henan accent said: "I am not the police station, nor the situation there, you call 110!"

Oh, Cong is wrong! Just hit 110 and you can!

QQ screenshot 20190711175722

"Beep ~ Dudu~ Hello here is the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau, what help is needed."

In this way, I went from the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau 110 – 110 – XX City, Henan Province – the local police station, all the way to the branch where sir is located. Enthusiastic local police officer feedback: sir is a working policeman, became a formal preparation in 2018, and is in charge of such cases, I hope we can support the work of police officers.


4. Send a shield to attack, impeccable

After the identity was confirmed, the little brothers who sent the shield began professional investigation. Due to the lack of traditional criminal investigation power at the local police station, the technical support of the Shield has opened up new clues for the police.


The chat history above, but at 12 o'clock in the evening. Until the night, the little brothers who sent the shields were working overtime to track the clues.


The sir keeps asking questions:


The technical slogan of the Shield gave the answer:

twenty two

Refining the knowledge point is: the general exchange will provide users with two addresses of currency and coin. The funds are also transferred to the exchange wallet address by filling the coin and the coin address.

We first locate the exchange currency and the currency address of the exchange through the address, and the next step is the exchange wallet address. Most of the exchange wallet addresses we have a tag library, through our library to locate which exchange. Of course, there are some characteristics of exchange transactions, and there are also multiple wallet addresses on the exchange. It is difficult for ordinary users to locate specific exchanges only through the blockchain browser.

At this time, the case of sir is already clear. You only need to contact the exchange to check the names of these addresses, you can trace the suspects and recover the losses for the victims.

Xiao Bian can not help but feel that with the support of security technology and rich experience, the ability and determination of police officers to detect financial scams is so great.

Regarding what is going on in this case, Babbitt and the Shield will continue to pay attention.

5. Conclusion · Police people and family

Skynet is restored, and the blockchain is not an extraterritorial land.

There are many conscience companies like Babbitt and Shield in the industry who are guarding us. Perhaps ICO and MLM have caused many people to misunderstand the industry.

But the backbone of these blockchains will still prop up a blue sky that uses technology to change lives.

Finally, a wave of hard ads is implanted. After 90, the police brother is learning blockchain knowledge! What are you waiting for!!!



The "Digital Economy Leadership Class" jointly launched by Babbitt College X Zhejiang Digital Economics Association is in hot recruitment! !

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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