BMW and Mercedes-Benz have frequent rights protection, can blockchain technology be solved?

I first saw this in the WeChat group. My friend sent a short video of a few minutes. A woman sat on the Mercedes hood and cried: "I am a culturally educated person. I graduated from graduate school, but this one. Things have made me feel that my decades of education have been humiliated…"

Seeing the first reaction of the video is how to get out of the quality problem of the luxury car. It must be known that the previous Audi owner’s leukemia incident has only recently passed, and this happened again, combining many broken shafts of BBA in recent years. , burning oil, gearbox frustration, sensor failure… and other quality problems, can not help but ask questions, what is wrong, these quality problems, after-sales problems, can effectively avoid solving? Can blockchain technology help improve these issues?

After the news tracking report learned about the event, buy Mercedes-Benz → just buy oil spills → negotiate rights protection → 15 days of skinning → only promised to replace the engine. Here, I can understand why this activist woman has done such an excitement. If a new car is not opened, the engine will be overhauled, the new car will be used, and the subsequent quality risks will be very serious. It is no wonder that Durex, who is the most popular hotspot, has sent a hot image ad.

In recent years, luxury car brands, especially BBA, have frequent quality problems. Any network search can get a lot of keywords, broken shafts, oil leakage, safety sensor failure, and so on. Traditional luxury brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi have always been plagued by quality problems and after-sales problems. Consumers are also very confused. Luxury brands can still buy them. It is so troublesome to spend hundreds of thousands to buy a car.

According to the report of the "2018 National Consumers Association Organization Acceptance of Automobile Product Complaints" presented by China Consumers Association in March 2019, it can be seen that the top three in the 2018 complaints about vehicle quality are 1. After-sales 32 %, 2. Contract 20.7%, 3. Quality 20%. Coincidentally, the three options of the Mercedes-Benz oil spill have taken up.

In the TOP10 of the complaintd brand, the three traditional luxury brands in BBA are actually 2, 3, and 5, which makes people want to ask a question. The luxury brands that have spent dozens or even millions of bought face-to-face have actually been complained at such a high rate. If BYD, Buick is not a luxury brand, the complaint status can be understood. Then consumers who spend more than 100,000 to buy luxury brands have frequent problems, which is really impossible to say. Isn't the normal logic to buy a luxury car and enjoy a better experience, less problems? The picture below shows the top five brands being complained.

Regardless of whether the car company or the regulatory department actually pays attention to the quality of the vehicle and the after-sales service, it is also actively promoting improvement. And always try new technology to improve the manufacturing, sales and after-sales of vehicles. Blockchain technology is a new technology that has been valued and constantly being tried.

In 2018, BMW partnered with VEchain to use blockchain tools to help BMW track car repair history, vehicle driving behavior, and other relevant data.

Mercedes-Benz embraced the blockchain technology even earlier. In 2017, Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, participated in the IBM-led Hyperledger project. In early 2019, it also cooperated with software provider Icertis. It is hoped that blockchain technology will be used to help Mercedes-Benz review third-party suppliers through contract documents in the supply chain.

It can be seen that international big companies have made efforts to improve their own after-sales, maintenance, procurement and other aspects by using new technology, but in fact, they can go deeper.

I just said that the car complaints are mainly in the after-sales, contract and quality issues.

In the after-sales aspect, we have begun to try blockchain technology services, if we later integrate the blockchain technology into the car after-sales. The condition of each car is wound up, and once a problem occurs, the service is carried out in real time according to the condition of the car on the chain.

The contract aspect can directly utilize the intelligent contract technology of the blockchain, and any problem can be given according to the contract. And the data can be synchronized in real time to avoid disputes.

In terms of quality, the blockchain's ultra-small rights and interests can be used to determine the rules. For example, each component is stored in the chain at the factory, and then the damage and liability compensation is made when any component damage occurs in the whole vehicle. Large items have serious quality problems and then service such as vehicle replacement.

For example, the quality of the oil spill, promptly blame, and start compensation, to avoid smashing. Clear all responsibilities clearly. The use of blockchain technology will reduce the losses of car manufacturers and maximize the protection of consumers' rights. This may actually prevent the recurrence of such things as sitting on the hood.

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