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Decentralized "short" agreement dYdX's hope and hope

If you are concerned about the DeFi field, you may be familiar with a name. It is dYdX, a decentralized financial derivatives agreement built on the Ethereum blockchain. At the end of December 2017, the dYdX project announced that it had received $10 million in seed round financing from Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain Capital. Other […]

Ant Block Chain Yunqi Conference: 2020 to use the blockchain to serve 100 million Chinese

"I predict that by this time next year, the blockchain will be able to serve more than 100 million people in China," said Li Jieli, senior director of Ant Financial. This scene took place at the Yunqi Conference and Ant Block Chain Ecology Summit on September 26. During the roundtable forum of the summit, Li […]

Lambda He Xiaoyang: It is foolish to change the white paper, and the blockchain is advancing in exploration.

"The world is chaotic, no one can predict the future. What we can do is to ensure a good result. If you ask for the correct path, do I think it is a bit childish? The company that survived the Internet for 20 years has only a single digit, the currency. The same is true […]

QKL123 market analysis | Bitcoin 200-day moving average shock, the market faces the choice of cattle and bears (0926)

Abstract: Today, Bitcoin oscillates on the edge of the 200-day moving average. The altcoin is slightly stronger and short-term shocks dominate. At present, the market has come to the vicinity of the “Bear and Bear Demarcation Line”. From the perspective of the historical performance of bitcoin, the calculation of the whole network and the number […]

Babbitt Column | Deng Jianpeng: Gibraltar Blockchain Regulatory Policy and Its Deep Thoughts

Author: Deng Jianpeng (Central University of Finance and Law Professor / PhD supervisor) introduction The Gibraltar region has an excellent blockchain entrepreneurial environment and is well-established in financial services legislation. In recent years, it has been a pioneer in the field of digital and innovative technologies, and is at the forefront of the regulatory environment, […]

The real story of the turmoil in the repo market, why do bitcoin have better anti-vulnerability?

Foreword: An anti-fragile system is a system that becomes stronger and more resistant with impact, rather than becoming weaker. This describes bitcoin, and its network security grows as the system's processing power grows. Note: The original author, Caitlin Long, was a Credit Suisse executive from 1997-2007. She was responsible for Morgan Stanley's pension business in […]

Yesterday Bitcoin computing power plummeted 30%? The actual situation is not that simple

Yesterday, data showed that the computing power of Bitcoin plummeted by 30%, causing panic in the entire market and concerns about network security. But in fact, you don't need to worry too much. Bitcoin's mining power is an indicator of computing power – it can be used to generate new blocks to earn bitcoin. The […]

DeFi is the future of the blockchain? See what the top international investment institutions say

Blockchain investment truly enters the public view from 2015 through the understanding and participation of many professional investment institutions. In the past five years, we have seen more and more professional organizations and professional investors join. What are their strategies for investing in blockchain? What is the expected trend of the future? On the afternoon […]

Viewpoint | Synthetic assets and values ​​on Ethereum

Ryan Sean Adams: I would like to contact you with some details to talk briefly about the synthetics on the Ethereum and how these assets affect the value of ETH. 1/ In the traditional financial industry, the scale of synthetic assets is very, very, very large. Go to this website ( ) and mix […]

Iran re-examines the details of encryption mining supervision, electricity prices rise or "capital flight"

Since the Iranian government approved encryption mining as an industrial activity in early August, details of the relevant regulatory policies on cryptocurrency mining have continued to flow. According to media reports, the Iranian Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade is about to issue a document that will pave the way for the legalization of cryptocurrency […]