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Blockchain in the annual report of listed companies: a comparative analysis of six state-owned banks

The financial industry has always been regarded as the best field of application for blockchain. As a representative of the financial industry, banks have long been concerned about and explored blockchain. In recent years, with the development of blockchain technology and related policy support, the application products on the ground have gradually enriched. At present, […]

Agricultural Bank of China internally tested the outflow of "Central Bank digital currency": How far is it from us in the future?

Author: Whitefish Produced by: Carbon Chain Value From the perspective of installation and use, DC / EP operation is no different from the general APP, which is very in line with residents' usage habits and completely avoids the problem of higher use thresholds for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. From the perspective of anonymity, the central […]

A number of state-owned banks disclosed the 2019 annual report: How do major banks deploy blockchain?

Source: 52cbdc Editor's Note: The original title was "The Age of Smart Financial Services, and see how major state-owned banks lay out blockchain!" 》 Blockchain empowers the financial field, and has long been highly hopeful. At present, financial services are one of the industries with the most blockchain technology landing projects and the richest scenarios, […]

The implementation of blockchain technology has blossomed, and the transaction scale of several banks has exceeded 100 billion yuan

Source of this article: Securities Daily Reporter: Li Bing In 2019, financial technology has become the "highlight" of innovation and development of many banks, and blockchain technology is also thriving in the soil of technology. A number of banks disclosed in their 2019 annual reports that the application scenarios of banking institutions in the blockchain […]

Blockchain technology and the construction of open banks: 3 characteristics to meet 3 challenges, how to build an open banking ecosystem?

Author: Liu Enke king Menghan "Financial One account links" Source: China Finance Journal Editor's Note: The original title was "Blockchain Technology and the Construction of Open Banks" Open banking is becoming a new trend in the development of the world and domestic banking industry, showing a trend of controversy. During the digital transformation, major domestic […]

Viewpoint | Implications of paper currency trading in the epidemic: Stable currency value is very important to circulation value, and privacy coins will replace the anonymity advantage of paper currency

Editor's Note: The original title was "Banknote Trading in the Epidemic and Its Inspiration to Digital Currency." This article has been deleted without changing the author's original intention. A few days ago I went to Bank A's ATM, and planned to transfer the money from an unused Bank B bank card to another bank A […]

China's banking industry has landed dozens of blockchain applications, who is providing technology for financial giants

Text 丨 Interlink Pulse · Golden Walk   The combination of banking and blockchain is on the fast track. At the end of February, the Central Bank issued the "Technical Security Specifications for Financial Distributed Ledgers." This is considered to be the application of the blockchain in the financial sector recognized by the central bank, […]

The members of the Golden Chain Alliance have “stand on their own feet”, where is the path of the Chinese Alliance-type blockchain open source platform?

Text | Interchain Pulse · Black Pearl On February 10, the latest investor relations activity record released by China Information revealed that China Information and Tencent, Huawei and other companies have jointly created the BJB blockchain underlying open source platform, which is open to the entire financial industry. It is worth noting that the blockchain […]

Research Report | Finance must be the most suitable application area for blockchain (Part 2)

Overview This article is divided into two parts: the first part [ finance must be the most suitable application area of ​​the blockchain (Part 1) ] discussed the market size, industry pain points and existing banks The liquidity management model, the next part will continue to start from the liquidity management model, and explore how […]

The number of banks applying for blockchain patents has increased 38 times in 4 years. Weizhong Bank wins the championship with 288 patents.

Source of this article: Securities Daily Reporter Li Bing Blockchain ushered in a "strong blast" last year, and banks are also one of its main players. According to statistics from the Zero One Think Tank, from 2016 to December 2019, a total of 15 banks in China have applied for blockchain technology-related patents, and the […]