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The dynasty of bitcoin miners: track S9 and S17 miners through nonce distribution

As Bitcoin is about to usher in its next production halving, its network is going through multiple transitions. In addition to the major changes in the mining economy due to reward adjustments, Bitmain ’s Antminer S17 mining machine is also replacing the long-standing S9 series mining machine and becoming the network-leading mining hardware. It is […]

Bitcoin network March analysis report: hash power gains grow slowly, difficulty or slightly reduced again

This report will analyze and judge the Bitcoin network data from five major parts: Bitcoin BTC price fluctuations, Bitcoin mining, on-chain addresses and transactions, Bitcoin network status, and social media popularity. The data and charts in this report were obtained and processed by the Mars Institute of Finance and Economics and the Mars Cloud Mine […]

Observation | With over 2 million mining machines, is it difficult for a Bitcoin mine?

Source of this article: Golden Finance , the original title "Golden Observation | More than 2 Million Mining Machines Read the article to understand whether there will be bitcoin mining difficulties" Author: Maxwell The plunge in Bitcoin prices on March 12-13 is still reflected in Bitcoin's hashrate. According to Bitinfocharts data, the computing power of […]

Bitcoin's transaction price has fallen below the average mining cost

This article Source: clouds block chain , Author: ack123888 Bitcoin has recently experienced its biggest one-day drop in history, with the price of Bitcoin falling from $ 7,900 to around $ 5,000 in less than 48 hours. As the first digital currency ever, the current transaction price is already lower than the cost required for […]

Bitcoin mining difficulty has risen sharply, or the price of coins has picked up

The dynamic adjustment mechanism of Bitcoin mining difficulty is the key to the success of this consensus mechanism. Yesterday, the Bitcoin mining difficulty was raised by one-time to nearly 16.7% to 16.55T. According to data, the current Bitcoin network computing power 121.95EH / s, 12 days before the next difficulty adjustment. It is expected […]

Last miner: Can I continue mining when Bitcoin drops to $ 1,000?

Source of this article: Caiyun Blockchain Adaptive Capital partner and on-chain analysis expert Willy Woo said that according to his model, the "regular" forecast is that the price of Bitcoin will reach $ 135,000 in the future. However, if there is a major trend reversal and the price of Bitcoin falls to the $ 1,000 […]

New York Greenidge Power Plant installed 7,000 miners, daily mining value of $ 50,000

Author: Liang CHE Source: Tweet The Greenidge Power Plant in the New York area partnered with Atlas Holding LLC to install 7,000 crypto mining rigs. According to Bloomberg, by using its electricity to mine, the power plant can get about $ 50,000 worth of cryptocurrency (5.5 bitcoins) per day. The 65,000-square-foot power plant in […]

Is Bitcoin mining center moving from China to North America? Chinese "miners" have something to say

Surging News Intern Ye Yinghe Reporter Zheng Ge Source: Surging News Is it possible that China will no longer be the "base camp" for Bitcoin mining? Reuters reported on February 11 that Barry Silbert, founder of Grayscale Investments, the world's largest cryptocurrency asset management company, told investors that Bitcoin production is moving from China Moving […]

Counting mining 2019 | Difficulty of mining increased by 97.67% throughout the year. Which mining pool is on the right pace?

Text, Data and Visualization | Carol Editing | Bi Tongtong Data Partners | By | PANews The mining circle is a mysterious and closed circle for many people. Earlier, PANews and Tencent News jointly produced "Miner Besieged City" telling the rumbling sound of the mines that screamed through the day and night. Under the […]

Explore the Stratum V2 (Stratum V2), how to achieve the decentralization of Bitcoin mining?

In early November of this year, Slush Pool released the initial technical specification of the Stratum V2 (Stratum V2), which is a new mining protocol on how to improve the cooperation between miners and mining pools to protect the security of the Bitcoin network. This project has been under development for several years and it […]