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Babbitt column | Payment or stored value? BTC's future value path

Author (TideChain) "This article has a total of 6600 words. The reading time is expected to be 20 minutes. If you don't have time to read it, please read it later and then slowly look at it." "In the long run, we are the creators of our own destiny. But if we look at it […]

Bitcoin payment is not dead, Lightning Network has become a new battlefield for startups

Bitcoin has always been a stalker of "digital gold," but early startups built around the technology are actually more concerned about bitcoin payments. In the past, Bitcoin supporters have promised to offer instant, free transactions to merchants who have decided to adopt this peer-to-peer digital cash system, but as people increasingly see Bitcoin is not […]

From lightning network shopping to bitcoin rebates, cryptocurrency payments have "invaded" mainstream platforms

The cryptocurrency startup Fold launched a payment portal in February this year to buy Domino's pizza through Lightning. Now, users of the app can make payments on Amazon, Uber, Starbucks, Burger King, REI and Target platforms, as well as Bitcoin rewards. (Image taken from Fold ) The browser's built-in application, Lolli, has already provided this […]

What kind of cryptocurrency is the payment tool that people expect?

When everyone is saying that bitcoin is difficult to become a "payment tool", the most popular example is that it is unrealistic to buy coffee with bitcoin, because bitcoin transfer is slow, the handling fee is high, the currency price is unstable, and so on. Many people joked that if you buy coffee for 30 […]

Babbitt Column | Open Finance – Explore Bitcoin's Clearing System and Payment Process

Dear readers, everyone, because I have been busy with graduate thesis recently, I haven’t updated the article for a long time. On May 17th, I was very pleased to receive an invitation from Babbitt to participate in the blockchain summit forum in Hangzhou. Among them, the open financial system mentioned in the "Three Main Directions […]

WHOLE FOODS and other major retailers will begin accepting bitcoin payments

Whole Foods, Nordstrom and Crate & Barrel can now accept bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency payments at their retail stores. Whole food supermarket accepts bitcoin payment Whole Foods Supermarket, Nordstrom, Crate & Barrel and many other retailers are now able to accept bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency payments. This new payment method was […]

The younger brother travels around the world with a bitcoin, and travels to 20 countries in one year.

In 2017, I was just an office clerk tired of working nine to five. At that time, I was mad at Netflix. One day, I spent $4,700 to buy a bitcoin and started a wonderful trip to 20 countries in a year. My family and friends said that I was crazy. In fact, I didn’t […]

ATM bitcoin payment through lightning network is becoming a reality

Translator: Play the coin family ElaineHu Developer and researcher Felix Weis completed a proof of concept and successfully executed the world's first ATM bitcoin transaction on the Lightning Network. The world's first Bitcoin ATM based on lightning network "is working properly" On March 31, 2019, during the "Lightning Network Hacker Day" event in Hong Kong, […]

Report: Bitcoin is growing at an incredible rate and can surpass Visa in 10 years

A new study shows that if current developments continue, Bitcoin will surpass all competitors from payment systems such as Visa and MasterCard in 10 years. Bitcoin will beat Visa and MasterCard In this study, Bitcoin was used to compare with traditional payment providers such as PayPal, which made the predictions after noting the rapid development […]