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Research: double spend is not worth it, Bitcoin transactions do not have to wait for 6 confirmations

In a recent research paper, European mathematicians Cyril Grunspan and Ricardo Pérez-Marco proved through calculus and game theory that small Bitcoin transactions may not require merchants due to strong network security and relatively high Bitcoin prices. And the exchange usually requires 6 confirmations. This paper was published in the computer science and cryptography section of […]

In the past week, the total amount of Bitcoin’s large transactions plummeted by 97%. What does this mean?

Source: Shallot Yesterday morning, bitcoin and other mainstream currencies appeared diving. Currently, Bitcoin's positive force is supported above $8,000. In addition, the number of investors who have earned positive returns on the Bitcoin network and the reduction in large-value transactions have brought a glimmer of gambling to the cryptocurrency market. According to IntoTheBlock data, multiple […]

Bitcoin position analysis: the collapse of the market, the characteristics of various accounts are obvious

On September 28th, CFTC announced the latest issue of CME Bitcoin Futures Weekly (September 18th – September 24th). This statistical interval just covered the first half of this week's plunge, and the statistical results are very good. It reflects the efficiency of emergency response of various accounts after the extreme market. The results of the […]

Exchange Real Volume Report (on) | TokenInsight

Summary of points: 1. According to the report, 36% of the exchanges (11) have a real trading volume ratio higher than 80%; nearly 50% of the exchanges (14) have less than half of the real trading volume. It is worth noting that more than 25% (8) of the exchanges have a real trading volume of […]

ErisX Chief Strategy Officer explains how cryptocurrency transactions benefit from algorithmic trading

This article comes from CoinDesk , the original author: Matthew Trudeau (ErisX Chief Strategy Officer) Odaily Planet Daily Translator: Nian Yinsi Tang CoinDesk recently published an article titled "High Frequency Trading is new Battle Ground in Crypto Exchange Race", which discusses transactions that provide direct connections to their matching engines. place. ErisX has only recently […]

Half a year's increase of 150%! After the big rise, investors confessed to the inner entanglement

In May, Bitcoin rose like a rainbow, rising from $5,300 at the beginning of the month and hitting $8,343 on May 14, setting a high of 10 months. As of 12 o'clock on the 21st, after a small correction, Bitcoin prices are still strong, now reported at 7922 US dollars, compared with the end of […]

Global asset management giant Fidelity Investments will launch bitcoin trading in the coming weeks

   In addition to launching hosted services, Fidelity appears to be launching bitcoin trading services for institutional clients. There are reports that Ameritrade and E-Trade are quietly testing BTC transactions on their respective platforms. Fidelity plans to launch bitcoin trading services According to Bloomberg News, inside sources said Fidelity plans to launch a bitcoin trading […]

Swiss head of the Swiss Stock Exchange denies that bitcoin trading will be launched

   Thomas Zeeb, head of securities trading at the Swiss Stock Exchange, has been talking about its planned digital currency exchange. In an interview with, he explained the efforts of SDX (SIX Digital Exchange) in this regard and the reasons for the cryptocurrency transaction to exit the exchange. Prohibit cryptocurrency transactions? But I think… […]

The return rate is 29%! Great God uses sentiment analysis to create a bitcoin trading algorithm

Anyone who has played stocks knows that the volatility of the stock market is affected by various factors, and it has strong randomness and is difficult to predict. The emerging cryptocurrency market is very different from the stock market and is more difficult to predict. Because the traditional method does not work, foreign netizen Marc […]