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Can the "leverage" of the currency security shake the BNB up again?

The path of the currency security is quietly changing. The long-established currency-based derivatives platform is finally on the line. On the evening of September 2, Coin Ann announced the acquisition of JEX, a digital currency derivatives trading platform. JEX will join the currency security ecosystem as Binance JEX, providing users with services including derivatives such […]

Has stolen 7,000 bitcoin coins and was extorted 300 bitcoins

The currency was blackmailed again, this time with 300 bitcoins. On August 7, Chanan said on Weibo that he received a threat from an unidentified person and was asked to exchange 300 bitcoin chips for the 10,000 KYC information he claimed to hold about Binance. The unidentified person leaked the information through the Internet because […]

Restore coin security user information disclosure incident: hacker attack hacker?

According to coindesk today, the person who announced the KYC on the social network yesterday claimed that he did this in order to "cause the coin security to be a real behind-the-scenes", and he was a "white hat hacker" (White Hat Hacker). "" Since the 7,000 Bitcoin was stolen from the Mayan Exchange in May, […]

Coin An DEX launched 37 projects with a break rate of over 70%

On April 23, the company announced that it officially launched its decentralized exchange currency, DEX, and went online on April 26 for the first transaction against MITH/BNB. As of now, the currency security DEX has launched a total of 37 BNB-based trading pairs. The financial network and chain financial statistics show the performance of Token, […]

Zhao Changpeng: Why did I sue Sequoia?

Zhao Changpeng, CEO of the currency security company, sued Sequoia Capital, claiming that the venture capital company’s ban on him in 2017 unfairly exploited a “loophole” in Chinese law, which caused inappropriateness to his reputation. Damage. Yesterday, Zhao Changpeng said on Twitter: “I won, but the impact of this case is very big. It was […]

Currency security "monitoring self-stealing"? How did hackers break through heavy protection and take 7,000 bitcoins?

At 7 o'clock on May 8th, 2019, Beijing time, the company announced that it announced that it was attacked by hacker groups and was successfully taken away by 7,000 bitcoins. The currency security "proactively admitted to being stolen" after a few hours of hacking. Image source: pixabay Stolen timeline In fact, a few hours before […]

Currency security "monitoring self-stealing"? Don't let the hacker internally dispel the trust of the entire cryptocurrency

At 7:00 on May 8th, 2019, Beijing time, the Announcement of the Coin Announced that at 1:15:24 am, the coin security hot wallet was attacked by hacker groups and was successfully taken away by 7,000 bitcoins. The currency security "proactively admitted to being stolen" after a few hours of hacking. Image source: pixabay Stolen timeline […]

Is the decentralization of the decoupling on the Korean line? Is it a pseudo-proposition?

Following the April 23rd, Binance was launched on the basis of the Binance Chain's Binance Decentralized Exchange (DEX), and the shared finance was informed that the currency was DEX. Said that the currency security DEX Korea station is online. It is reported that the coin-based DEX is an unmanaged decentralized exchange that operates on the […]

Currency Security BSV Debate: Rules, Neutrality and Decentralization

One view is that a cryptocurrency exchange that quotes price data and executes transactions often takes place outside the chain and is not subject to strict, quasi-constitutional chain-based rules, cryptocurrency exchanges. You can reject prices and transactions that anyone likes, and doing so does not compromise the integrity of the freedom of speech/regression criteria of […]

Babbitt column | Can the coin push the public chain and the decentralized exchange, can it surpass Ethereum?

According to reports, the currency chain opened on April 23 and switched to the main network. The BNB price ushered in the 11th week, and the market gave positive feedback. According to channel information such as Zhao Changpeng's founder, the coin chain is based on the Cosmos side chain development, and the block speed is […]