Will the EOS nodes be infighting, which will affect their future development? See what the super nodes say

Yesterday, a news about EOS exploded in the community: EOS New York claims that 6 EOS nodes are controlled by the same node, which is currently the 52nd EOShenzhen node.

At present, EOS New York has initiated a proposal to revoke the eligibility of these 6 nodes.

In response to this event, the vernacular blockchain interviewed the super node EOSLAoMao team, HelloEOS founder Zi Cen, Newdex team, and EOS Connon founder script.

Let ’s see what they say.

01 Proposal from EOS New York

Vernacular blockchain : What do you think about the 6 EOS nodes being controlled by the same node? What would you vote for this proposal from EOS New York?

EOSLaoMao team : We believe that an entity operating multiple nodes will bring security threats to the blockchain based on the DPoS consensus mechanism , and ensuring network security is the responsibility of BP.

It is worth noting that, in the EOS mainnet, the regproducer Ricardian Contract stipulates the requirements for registering BP on the mainnet. However, the regproducer contract itself only requires BP to disclose its own entity, and does not stipulate how to handle the situation where an entity operates multiple nodes. Therefore, we think that it is more logical to modify the regproducer contract first, and then perform the operation to remove such nodes.

EOSLAoMao is making the final decision on a node removal proposal from EOS New York.

Zi Cen : We will remain neutral for the time being. I don't dare to fully agree with the allegation of "controlled by the same node" until more supporting information is released.

After ECAF (an arbitration organization on EOS) is no longer active, the EOS community does not have a similar role to conduct detailed investigations of such incidents and authoritative arbitration. The only way to properly handle such disputes may be a referendum, because The referendum represents the will of the largest range of EOS holders.

Newdex team : The governance of EOS is gradual. The existing agreement only stipulates that nodes are obliged to disclose the entity. It does not stipulate how to handle the situation where an entity operates multiple nodes. Of course, the situation where an entity operates multiple nodes does not fit the spirit of blockchain decentralization.

At present, it is rare to control multiple nodes, but it is recommended that the community make regulations in advance. We recommend that the community vote on whether they agree to increase and improve the contract rules, and then proceed to the next processing action according to the contract rules. First, there are relevant contract provisions, and then there are actual processing actions. This is the correct procedure.

Regular script : The core problem is that there is currently no clear stipulation that the same subject cannot have multiple node accounts, not in the EOS Constitution, and not in the Ricardo contract. Therefore, my point is that rules should be formulated first and then enforced.

Our community currently believes that there are advantages and disadvantages to passing and not passing this proposal, so our node will decide how to vote after more discussion and analysis.

02 Negative Impacts and Avoidance Measures

Vernacular Blockchain : How will multiple nodes be controlled by the same node to the EOS ecosystem, and how can this situation be avoided in the future?

Zi Cen : I don't think there will be any negative impact. The token decision holders unique to the DPoS ecosystem are very efficient in voting decisions, which determines that any behavior that has a negative impact on the EOS ecosystem will be quickly washed out.

It should be noted that the 6 nodes in this event are all candidate nodes with very low rankings. Even if they are confirmed to be operated by the same person (or team), I also understand that certain ticket warehouses cannot enter the top 21 main Helpless choice of nodes.

Newdex team : As we all know, there are 21 EOS ecological super nodes, and there are many candidate nodes. Only by joining the candidate nodes can you get benefits. However, rights and responsibilities are integrated. Super nodes are responsible for tasks such as providing system resources and packaging production blocks; alternative nodes are always ready to replace existing "unqualified" super nodes.

To avoid such incidents, we think it is a gradual process. At present, it is only agreed not to do, and there is no punishment mechanism, so expediting the implementation of the relevant contract can prevent the incident from happening again.

Regular script : At present, the voting threshold for EOS to become the main node has risen to about 270 million votes. Unless a single organization and individual has a large number of votes, it is impossible to directly control multiple block-producing nodes. What needs to be done now is to formulate rules so that similar incidents have a basis for judgment and processing.

03 Supernode China

Vernacular Blockchain : What do you think about the current problem of "supernodes China" (17 of the 21 supernodes are in China)?

Zi Cen : The influence of China's power in the digital currency field is ruling. It governs almost all fields, and it is understandable from the perspective of user scale, capital scale, professionalism and even diligence. The business of Chinese forces on the trading platform has an absolute leading position in almost all fields such as Bitcoin mining, mining pools, public chains, DApps and so on.

This lead will continue for the foreseeable future. Sinicization has never been a problem, just an objective fact. On the contrary, EOS should be grateful for the early involvement and in-depth participation of the Chinese forces. I have never seen any public chain project with little interest in the Chinese community develop particularly well.

Newdex team : 21 super nodes and 17 are in China. On the surface, everyone thinks that they are over-concentrated. However, blockchain is a blank field of competition for the whole world, which is not the same as the long-term accumulation of medical, economic, and cultural fields.

EOSIO is an open system, as long as it meets the technical and hardware thresholds, it can get enough votes. 21 super nodes and 17 belong to China. Does it mean that China has invested more development efforts in the field of blockchain technology without first-mover advantage?

The current situation of super nodes makes us more curious about the global competition for the soft power of blockchain technology.

Regular script : Because most EOS users and holders, and even DApp developers are in China or related to the Chinese team, most of the nodes belong to China. I take it for granted now. Looking at the early days of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the vast majority of users, holders, and even computing power belong to China, so this is a necessary process for development.

04 node job change

Vernacular blockchain : The current development of EOS is more controversial. What is the main work of the current node? Is there any change compared to before?

Zi Cen : Since the birth of EOS, it has been full of controversy, because the first thing EOS needs to challenge is ETH with the largest developer community. In addition, DPoS is also a consensus mechanism with controversy. Community governance is essentially a process of collision and integration between different ideas, different positions, and different interest groups within the holder. In fact, we have been too obsessed with governance, ignoring the underlying infrastructure of EOS, the support of developers, and the tremendous progress over the past year .

The work of the node has not changed. The basic task is to maintain network security and stability. At the same time, it will also undertake some developer support, operations and publicity.

Newdex team : This week the EOSLAoMao team launched a proposal to activate the EOS v1.8 RAM_RESTRICTIONS and FIX_LINKAUTH_RESTRICTION features. The first two days, BM's new CPU proposal EOS42 and MEET.ONE were translated into Chinese as soon as possible and disseminated in the community. Nodes have been focusing on contributing to the EOS ecosystem, and this will never change.

Regular script : No controversy means no vitality. The EOS community and DApp players are still very active, unlike many other projects that are already half dead in the bear market. The main work of the node has not changed, ensuring stable block production and output value for the entire network. This is also what Canon nodes have been doing. For example, Mykey has provided smooth and non-sense EOS on-chain services for more than 500,000 KYC users, and More than two-thirds of new EOS accounts are currently opened through Mykey.org.

05 Block.one vote

Vernacular blockchain: A previous statement from Block.one stated that after two and a half years of observation, in order to solve the two major issues of EOS's network operation and governance, it will participate in EOS node voting from now on. What do you think of Block.one's beginning to participate in voting? Do you think the time is ripe?

Zi Cen : Any opportunity is mature. As a community member, Block.one has the right to vote his sacred vote from day one. We are looking forward to this day for a long time, and hope to see Block.one voting to express their views and attitudes. Only voting is the most authentic and effective voice.

Newdex team : Block.one's voting has a very large weight, and participation in the voting of EOS nodes will definitely cause a new wave of discussion. Earlier in the community, there was a voice saying that BM was "inaction", but we don't think so.

Block.one's participation in voting can bring positive incentives to nodes, and rewarding nodes that continue to produce convenient service tools, underlying infrastructure, and active proposals for the ecology will give them more encouragement.

Script : Block.one is currently participating in the BP voting. I think it is a very good time. First, the number of votes of about 100 million will not play an absolute role in controlling the BP List, and will not let the outside world criticize it for "controlling" or "hand-picking" nodes. Second, participating in voting can evaluate the excellent nodes And motivation.

06 On- chain governance

Vernacular blockchain : On-chain governance has always been a problem for blockchain projects. What do you think of EOS 'shortcomings in on-chain governance?

Zi Cen : In fact, on-chain governance has never been a problem, just because the seemingly messy voices in the process of community collisions make people feel difficult. The result of the collision is fusion, and even if it looks chaotic again, there will be only one decision result for any specific transaction. This result is the optimal solution jointly determined by all people holding the token. The entire ecology will always evolve in this way.

Newdex team : Speaking of on-chain governance, I believe everyone remembers ECAF (EOS Core Arbitration Court). In the past, ECAF played the role of a dispute resolution mechanism. When a dispute occurred, the two parties submitted arbitration, a court hearing, announced an arbitration order, and the nodes executed the order. However, in a dispute in June 2018, dozens of hours after the victim submitted an arbitration application, ECAF did not require the accounts of both parties to be frozen. Finally, the nodes met and agreed to freeze without going through ECAF first. Account. The response given by ECAF is that the rules are incomplete, and ECAF cannot be governed as an arbiter, so it will not issue an order. Of course, ECAF is now abolished.

The EOS mainnet was launched in June 2018 and has been under the age of two. The complexity of the problems that arise from on-chain governance cannot be predicted before the start of the main network. Just like the laws and regulations in our lives, every revision of the law is a history of the progress of human civilization. Similarly, we also have enough patience for EOS's on-chain governance.

In November, due to the heat brought by EIDOS, the EOS network was congested , and BM's attitude has also changed in the past month. For the price of CPU, from the earliest belief that the supply and demand relationship determines the market value, to the final proposal of a new CPU solution, these are the processes of continuous cognition upgrade.

Regular script : On-chain governance issues. At present, in any other public chain or the entire industry, there is no experience to learn from, so it can only move forward slowly through exploration and trial and error. I haven't seen any other public chain that can write a success model of on-chain governance better than EOS.

07 The future of EOS

Vernacular blockchain: Many public chains ( Cosmos / Algorand / Nervos, etc.) have been launched on the main network this year, each with its own characteristics, and the competition in the public chain is fierce. The current market has also discouraged many EOS investors. Among the many public chains, are you still optimistic about the future of EOS? why?

Zi Cen : I don't see any better competitors than EOS. EOS is currently in its early stages and its huge popularity has faded. It is necessary to continue to improve the infrastructure, attract more developers, accumulate more DApps, and precipitate more users. This slow, quantitative to qualitative process can be long and painful.

Many people compare the early heat of other projects with the precipitation period of EOS. It is not known that EOS in the same development stage is far superior. After the early bubble of these projects fades, they need to face all the difficulties that EOS is experiencing.

Newdex team : As early as 2018, after seeing the EOS white paper indicating that the performance of million-level TPS will be reached, our team decided that All In builds a decentralized trading platform. So far, we believe that EOS is still one of the best public chains in the world. In this regard, we will continue to develop more DeFi tools in the EOS ecosystem and continue to cultivate in EOS.

Script : In the bear market, it is normal to be disappointed by the price. It is normal to leave. However, EOS has not yet developed, whether it is Block.one's upgrade of the bottom layer, or the upper layer of wallet and DApp ecology. Therefore, EOS will surely advance into the next round of industry upswing and consolidate a larger ecology and consensus.

As for other public chains, let's run some applications first and then let's talk about it. The problem will not be less than EOS. It stays at the stage of theory and dream rate. Of course, it will look more competitive. I believe and affirm that EOS will always represent the mainstream and benchmark in the public chain field.


"Disclaimer: This article is the independent opinion of the interviewed guests. It does not represent the standpoint of the vernacular blockchain, nor does it constitute any investment opinions or suggestions. The copyright of the article and the right of final interpretation belong to the vernacular blockchain. A

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