Canadian woman creates a metaverse law firm and plans to profit from renting out metaverse properties.

Canadian woman starts a virtual law firm and makes money by renting out virtual properties in the metaverse.

The plot at 651 Somnium SBlockingce belongs to the law firm Zannes Law in Toronto, Canada. In this seven-story metaverse office, Chief Counsel Madaline Zannes consults with clients, hosts meetings, and holds lectures for those with legal concerns. Zannes said her metaverse office can provide a more immersive and imaginative client experience. She hired an architect who specializes in customized metaverse buildings to create the space from scratch, including a lounge, lecture stage, rentable offices, art gallery, and rooftop bar.

Image | Madaline Zannes (Source: COURTESY OF MADALINE ZANNES)

Somnium SBlockingce is Zannes’ first office in the metaverse, but the firm now has multiple properties on other platforms, including the top-floor suite in New Caledonia on the SBlockingtial version.

Image | Madaline Zannes in her metaverse office (Source: COURTESY OF MADALINE ZANNES)

The qualifications to practice here do not technically exist. The metaverse is not a real legal term, and there is no metaverse law, nor do lawyers receive any licensing in this area, at least not yet. But those with law degrees can leverage the technology to stand out. The most important thing is to have an open mind, Zannes said.

The current challenge is that legal development is not as fast as technology, while lawyers can only practice in jurisdictions where they have been licensed. Zannes said that at the same time, there are bad actors trying to provide legal services in virtual space without any accreditation, and some even hide their identities from clients.

To help address this problem, Zannes and her team founded the International Metaverse Bar Association in 2023 to register licensed lawyers who work in Web3.

This job also has some perks. It’s a fun and more engaging way to meet clients remotely, rather than flat 2D Zoom interactions. “We can have meetings while walking through buildings. We can chat in NFT galleries, rooftop bars or virtual offices. There are more ways to find common ground (and) have a good time,” Zanis said.

The main office features an area called Quantum Leap, where clients can view and explore Zanis’ metaverse real estate portfolio. She even provides her clients with a private link so they can meander around the metaverse and use the space as they please.

As for business prospects, Zanis said her metaverse satellite office is a huge lead generator for her physical company. She also earns money from owning property in the metaverse by renting out space, much like a landlord in real life.

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