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Interview with Vitalik: The community is far more important than the code

Interviewed: Vitalik Buterin Interview & Writing: Li Hua, Retric @ 橙皮 书 This year marks the 21st anniversary of the establishment of the Apache Software Foundation. As a representative of the Internet open source community, Apache projects support more than half of the Internet, and Apache Hadoop projects have almost formed the entire big data […]

Blockchain reshapes human community ecology: evolution from social, community to community

Source / “ Everyone understands blockchain '' Production / Blockchain Base Camp Editor's note: The original title was "Blockchain Reshapes the Human Community Ecology" Throughout human history, ethnicization, communityization, and communityization are the natural results of social evolution. From the family and the village, religion and political parties, to the interest groups and various clubs, […]

Viewpoint: A blockchain without a community is just a database, a community without a charter is not a community at all

Author: Lane Rettig Editor's Note: The original title is "Soul of Blockchain Project-Bylaws" Just as a blockchain without a community is actually just a database, a community without a charter is not a community at all, it is just a group of accidental, unconnected people who happen to be together. The charter is the soul […]

Is the EOS overseas community “dead”? Can the grapefruit suffer from internal and external problems soon? Don't worry, maybe not as weak as you think.

Recently, many people in the community have found a disappointment with EOS, including some old grapefruit powder, some nodes, and even the earlier EOS “Milk” began to show negative aspects. There have been a lot of problems in the EOS main online line for more than a year . At present, it can be said […]

The community is the three most important reasons for the encryption of the project

This article is that I recently witnessed a group. I was talking about other things. Later I started to like a coin, and bought a lot of money. I started to have a high target price and started to preach. This makes me want to talk about this. What is the most important part of […]

The Litecoin has doubled five times in half a year, halving the countdown. Is the community a "magic bullet" for 8 years?

In 2019, the most surprising thing is the Litecoin, which has almost doubled in half a year. Previously, Li Xiaolai had nothing to do with the bombing of Litecoin in the recording door incident. It was just a good story. The slogan "Bit Gold, Wright Silver" nailed its value to everyone's mind like a nail. […]

ChainNode chain node successfully settled in, opening a new era of Chinese blockchain community

On August 18, 2008, when Satoshi Nakamoto registered the domain name of, it is hard to think of it today, ten years later, there will be power from the Chinese community on this website. On Tuesday (May 7th), the ChainNode chain node successfully entered the website and became its first recommended Bitcoin Chinese […]

Why should the development of the next generation blockchain platform be led by the community?

Foreword: Margaret J. Wheatley once said, “The attention and needs of the community are stronger than any transformative force.” The blockchain is the result of a joint effort. What is the difference between the next blockchain platform that will become the “star of tomorrow”? The author Vladislav Dramaliev, translated from the first class, will explain […]

With the power of one's own mouth, the whole coin circle, what does Ao Ben Cong want?

After the BCH fork, CSW once again became the focus of the cryptocurrency world. Recently, lightning torch promoter Hodlonaut released a series of tweets, insisting that CSW is not Nakamoto, and then CSW threatened to sue Hodlonaut and also spent money to dig up Hodlonaut's personal information. For the "Ming War" of the two, the […]