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Babbitt Column | Cai Weide: Blockchain is used for credit information to build a "Taoyuan World"

This article originally published " People's Digital Fintech " Author: Cai Weide, the current national expert, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Ph.D., Northern digital society and the block chain Laboratory Foreword Discussion on the use of blockchain has now frequently appeared in the public's field of vision. However, when the technology itself is mature […]

"People's Chain" builds a credit system to ease financing difficulties for small, medium and micro enterprises

Author: Hao Wei, Yang, Lee West Source: People's Network People's Daily, Beijing, March 25th. Recently, the People's Daily Public Opinion Data Center / People's Online opened the "people's chain" credit system, which aims to provide "one-stop" services such as risk control, credit enhancement, and supply chain finance for small and medium-sized enterprises' financing. . The […]

What is a block of credit? Speaking from Lightning Loan

Author: NEST lovers – nine chapters Heaven The anonymous nature of the blockchain makes the concept of "credit" superfluous. All loans and leverage on the chain need to be fully mortgaged. Even if someone else finds another way, hoping to establish a weak credit through some "identity" asset, but that It is also essentially a […]

Opinion: If there is a crisis in corporate credit, 2% of the funds may flow to Bitcoin

Foreword: This paper mainly analyzes the possible relationship between US corporate bonds and bitcoin prices. The author believes that there is a certain risk in US corporate bonds, and once corporate credit is in crisis, funds will flow to safe asset types, such as gold, in order to avoid risks. The author believes that a […]

Gu Yanxi: How to use the blockchain to bring paradigm changes to the global personal credit industry

There are still a large number of individuals and institutions that are not served by financial institutions around the world. This group is often referred to as the unbanked and underbanked group. Providing financial services to this group is a common concern of governments. Different efforts have been made within the existing financial system to […]