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What is the experience of buying coins, buying a house, and buying shares?

In 2017, in July, a very young coin investor flew from Beijing to Shenzhen to find me. Find me how to save my own currency. I was shocked to see the coins on his cloud account. Really rich. I taught him how to download various wallets, bitcoin wallets, Ethereum wallets, EOS's ERC20 token wallet, SC […]

The oversold rebound has been blocked, and the main force can attack again.

In yesterday's analysis, we also mentioned that the Chinese military EOS will face adjustments in the next oversold rebound. However, we believe that the two leading companies in the early stage of BTC and BNB will hold back the market's selling pressure when EOS is adjusted, but it is counterproductive. EOS has already eaten a […]

There is not much time left for EOS: BM has repeatedly hinted at making big things about Bitcoin. Is there really a card to be released?

Recently, last year's hot EOS storm continued, just a few days ago, a well-known DApp developer in the EOS Eco Overseas Community suddenly said: "The EOS SuperNode is almost entirely controlled by the Chinese, and he will give up the development on EOS. DApp". Then there was a screenshot of the suspected Li Xiaolai’s breach […]

Financial bundling may be the underlying cause of the collapse of the arbitration mechanism on the EOS chain

INTRODUCTION: The failure of the EOS arbitration mechanism was shocking and was expected to be high. The failure of the arbitration mechanism allowed people to rethink the effectiveness of this mechanism in the field of encryption. First of all, I have a question here: Why is your transfer fee so expensive? For every dollar transaction, […]