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Tiandao has a good reincarnation, who the SEC has spared: What impact does the SEC’s regulatory punches have on the encryption market?

Editor's Note: The original title is "A Good Way for Heaven, Who Will the SEC Say?" Guide SEC rushed to the Telegram blockchain project TON main network is about to go online, the placard of Gram is about to be on the market circa, playing a steady supervision of the punch, how will this affect […]

Following the Telegram, we believe that the SEC will start with these two projects.

The hacker who was once banned by his own government but still does not care, seems to have compromised the US SEC this time. On October 15th, CNBC cryptocurrency commentator Ran NeuNer tweeted that the private investor of the Telegram Open Network (TON) developed by the Telegram team of encrypted chat tools has been informed […]

The latest market value of Telegram tokens is estimated at $1.72 billion, or will become the tenth largest cryptocurrency in the world.

According to the New York Times reported on August 29, Telegram plans to launch the "first batch" of tokens in the next two months. In addition, the New York Times pointed out that Telegram must launch cryptocurrency by October 31, otherwise the $1.7 billion previously raised by investors such as Benchmark and Sequoia Capital will […]

Encrypting the world's largest "net red" Telegram blockchain is coming soon

Today, according to PRWeb, Telewall-based encrypted wallet application Button Wallet launched its first free cryptocurrency test site on Telegram Open Networ (TON). In the past two years, this blockchain network red project with multiple titles such as “Finance Max”, “Block Chain 3.0” and “300 million users” is finally going to be online in October, and […]

Telegram signing purchase agreement guarantees that counterfeit money purchased by investors outside the market is worthless

Many of the Gram sold by OTC trading platforms are not held by Telegram investors, but counterfeit currency issued by the OTC market. Even if TON's main online line, OTC traders may not get the Gram they bought, and the currency of these over-the-counter transactions may be a scam. Telegram tokens are circulated in unauthorized […]

First article on the hard-core Telegram (telegram) Chinese version of the white paper

Hello everyone, Telegram updated the new English white paper earlier this month. I liked it very much after reading it, so I translated the Chinese version of the Telegram white paper (obtained at the end of the article). The Telegram blockchain project is called the Telegram Open Network, or TON. The following is the text. […]