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Babbitt column | Others say the new crown kills globalization, Zhang Yiming bets on the global explosion of the digital economy

The horrifying headline "Globalization is dead" is actually not unique to today. It's just that the previous "killer" is not enough. This time, finally, the new crown virus, the big devil, is here. An example of this is the March 20 article of the US Foreign Policy magazine, titled "How the World Will Look After […]

Danger and Change: Can China Seize the Breakthrough Opportunity of the Digital Economy?

Text | Interstellar Agent-Agent of the Detective China's role and opportunities in the century-long change have been accelerated due to the epidemic and the ensuing crisis. The United States and the world are inevitably in recession. Should we be pessimistic or lucky? During this period, will China have available historic opportunities, and how should it […]

Opinion | Si Xueming: Blockchain applications are diversifying, and they will be widely deployed in the real economy in the next three years

Source of this article: Foshan Daily , original title "Xin Kangzhong Decoding Blockchain Application Stimulates New City Vitality" Foshan Daily reporter Lin Rundong Blockchain is an important breakthrough in independent innovation of core technologies. Accelerating the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation is a current trend. For Foshan, which has a number of highly […]

Depth | Business opportunities brought by ABCDI in the era of digital new infrastructure

2020 is known as the first year of China's digital economy. Due to the new crown epidemic that broke out across the globe, the need for a non-contact economy has forced us to accelerate the embrace of digitalization. In this process, what technologies will break out and what opportunities are worth seizing? From the perspective […]

Xinhuanet article talks about new infrastructure: Blockchain will become a basic production tool like water and air in the future

Original title: "New Infrastructure" Creates a New Era of Digital Economy Empowers High-quality Development in Society Source: Xinhuanet Author: Zhang Hong (Western Digital Economy Research Institute) At present, "new infrastructure" has become a consensus for development. It is an effective means to deal with epidemics and economic downturns, and meets the requirements of industrial upgrading. […]

Perspectives | Three Important Ways for Blockchain Development

Source: Yunnan Network, original title "Blockchain technology in the post-epidemic era will promote the development of digital economy in Yunnan" Reporter: Zhao Gang What role will the digital economy in the post-epidemic era, especially the emerging blockchain technology, play in improving and innovating the digital society governance mechanism and methods? How can Yunnan Province accelerate […]

Interview with Li Lihui: Where is the next place for the digital economy?

Source: Xinhuanet Liu Xuyao, He Fancai Editor's note: A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is in the ascendant. The digital economy is injecting new vitality into China's economic growth. The recently held Central Economic Work Conference clearly stated that "we must vigorously develop the digital economy." In this issue of […]

I was on site in 2019 | After covering 62 events, I ventured to make 3 predictions

Presumably you have learned from the " cute little Wendy " that the boss has arranged year-end homework for the Babbitt content group, and I am naturally no exception. In 2019, I covered 62 blockchain events and published 139 articles. These include such hot events. Although it seems that few things continue to have an […]

Fuzhou strives to exceed 430 billion yuan in digital economy in 2020, and accelerates the layout of the blockchain industry

Source: People's Network People's Daily Fuzhou January 6 (Lin Xiaoli) The government work report of Fuzhou in 2020 shows that in 2019, the scale of Fuzhou's digital economy will reach 350 billion yuan. There are 133 newly registered companies in the Southeast Big Data Industrial Park, 51 new affiliated companies have been introduced in the […]

Why is the blockchain industry about to usher in a wave of entrepreneurship?

The other day, Babbitt editor-in-chief Tang Xialing gave a unique global first-year blockchain multi-year speech in Hangzhou on the theme of "a sense of certainty". The 400-seat small theater was packed with seats, which not only added a bit of warmth to the bitter and cold Hangzhou, but also gave the word "blockchain" a strong […]