Benefits escalate again! Babbitt Industry Orientation Starts Knowledge Officer Program

On February 12th, Babbitt launched an online course " Began to Learn Series: Seeing the Blockchain Industry in 2020, What Should You Pay Most Attention to ".

The course invited 7 blockchain experts including Tang Xialing, Meng Yan, Ma Shitao, Huang Butian, Xu Yutao, Xu Yingkai and Hu Jie to explain the seven dimensions of the industry's current situation, technological innovation, and business investment, and lead everyone to clear the fog of the forest. Establish the knowledge kingdom of the blockchain.

As soon as the course was launched, there were ripples in this quiet spring.

In less than a week, more than 300 users have purchased courses, and they are located all over the country and in all walks of life.

Because of curiosity, they gathered here and met an unforeseen blockchain;

Because of their courage, they jumped out of the comfort zone and looked for their determination to iterate.

More than half of the blockchain technology from the real economy is gradually connecting and penetrating

In terms of industry distribution, among these 300 peers,

34.48% of the students come from the blockchain industry , covering multiple sub-fields such as media, investment, education and training, legal consulting, underlying technology development, and digital currency mining;

To our surprise, more than 53.20% came from traditional entities, the Internet and the financial industry.

These include not only industrial giants such as Inspur Group, Hikvision, New Hope Group, but also traditional banks or financial institutions such as Ping An Bank, Agricultural Bank, SPDB, Minsheng Bank, China Life, as well as Financial One Account, Ant Financial services giants such as Financial Services.

It also includes 12.32% of students from colleges and universities, government departments, industry associations or other organizations.

And more than 15% of these trainees are positions of chairman, CEO, partner and other levels.

We realize that with the popularization and application of blockchain knowledge, blockchain is no longer a tall concept.

Whether it's an Internet giant or a listed company; whether it's the company's CEO or an individual business. They are curious about blockchain, and they are eager to embrace the opportunities given by this era.

"Some people sighed that youth is gone, history is over; some people sing that the world is so new and everything has not yet been named."

Knowledge officer plans to release blockchain knowledge

Blockchain is accelerating the work and life of ordinary people. It is like an endless spring breeze, blowing every inch of soil in the real industry, and gradually penetrating every pore and cell of the real economy.

Today (February 20), Babbitt announced that Babbitt Industry Orientation Class officially launched the first batch of knowledge officer programs . The 300 students who registered in advance will directly start this program.


The knowledge officer will enjoy 3 exclusive rights :

1. Join the Knowledge Officer Program and get a 30% commission share for this course;

2. The top 10 distributors can get 1 event participation qualification for free;

3. Excellent knowledge officers can apply to become seed members, and give priority to studying Babbitt courses.

If you also want to participate in the knowledge officer program, you only need to purchase a course to pay 199 yuan to become a knowledge officer (scanning code poster QR code).

In the days when you can't face to face, hope that knowledge can become your company and support.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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