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Popular Science | Use the overlay to change the format of the Ethereum state tree

Author: Guillaume Ballet Translation & Proofreading: Pei Qi & A Jian Source: Ethereum enthusiasts The way that accounts and contracts store data is one of the many issues affecting Ethereum. The Ethereum protocol chose Merkle Patricia Tree (MPT, Merkel Patricia Tree) to organize account and contract data. Although this data structure works well in theory, […]

Topaz, the first testnet with Eth2.0 Phase 0 mainnet configuration, has been released

Just two years ago, Prysmatic Labs began its journey to achieve Eth2.0, which has three milestones: Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond (1). These milestones reflect our vision of how to extend Ethereum to the global scale. We are proud to announce the final restart plan of the testnet for Eth2.0 stage 0: Topaz testnet . Ruby, […]

BTC's attempt to break through the $ 7,000 mark failed, beware of the short force counterattack

Author | Hash Pie Analysis Team

Market analysis: BTC rebound is still weak, pay attention to the downside risks in the short term

Author | Hash Pie Analysis Team

Opinion | Monetization of Bitcoin and Ethereum: Who can be the next world currency?

Over the past two years, the cryptocurrency industry has undergone major cleansing to eliminate inferior currencies. Most altcoins have collapsed, and historical highs have plummeted by more than 90%. The market value of BTC occupies more than 60% of the total market value, regaining the top spot in the industry. Some people believe that this […]

DeFi Zhouxuan 丨 Locked positions back to 1 billion US dollars, a new wave of DeFi is coming

Selected content of this issue: One week of DeFi data: Defi ecological lock-in funds returned to 1 billion US dollars, an increase of 7.9% over the previous week; Through the buffer mechanism, achieve a stable non-custodial stable currency; A new wave of Ethereum DeFi derivatives; Cao Yin: Maker's Easter Eggs reveal which possible major business […]

Viewpoint | Why is Ethereum a true representative of open finance?

In the traditional financial world, the most important is trust and centralized governance. When the idea of ​​a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin was proposed, it tried to provide an alternative form of finance, a form of finance that does not require trust and is completely code-dependent. Although the crypto world also has flaws, it still represents […]

Report: Who is the most likely currency to become Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Either Bitcoin or Ethereum has the ability to become the world's first non-sovereign digital currency. However, both of these cryptocurrencies must overcome some shortcomings in order to realize this vision. A recent report analyzed the different paths of Bitcoin and Ethereum towards "currency". The two cryptocurrencies in the top two in terms of total market […]

Simple reading of Reddit's credits: how is it different from the token issue in the general sense of the crypto community?

Editor's Note: The original title was "Simple Reading Reddit Credits" According to statistics, the Reddit community has 430 million monthly active users in 2019, surpassing Twitter. In 2019, users posted a total of 199 million posts, 1.7 billion comments and 32 billion likes on Reddit. Reddit once received a $ 300 million investment from Tencent […]

Popular Science | How is the Ethereum block size determined

Author: NEST lovers _CryptoV12 With the development of the blockchain industry, the ecosystem built on the Ethereum network is getting larger and larger. In addition to satisfying the transaction packaging of various assets issued based on the Ethereum network, it also needs to meet the packaging of various smart contracts Transactions, such as DeFi protocol […]