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CITIC Construction Investment Securities: Bitcoin and "Blockchain + Gold" Possibility

Source of this article: CITIC Securities Research Author: CBM Comprehensive Utilization Qin source Summary Bitcoin and blockchain twins Since the release of the Bitcoin white paper in November 2008 and the creation of the genesis block in January 2009, Bitcoin and the blockchain have risen rapidly in just over 10 years, becoming a new thing […]

When the real crisis comes, the safe haven Bitcoin is forgotten

At the beginning of the year, the outbreak of the new crown virus has been effectively controlled under the compulsory quarantine of China. The rate of new cases in non-Hubei regions has been effectively controlled. The number of cases nationwide has also continued to decline for nearly a week. However, since last Friday, there have […]

Digital gold, scarcity, and Bitcoin halving

Source: Coinbase blog Author: Mike Co Compilation: Share Finance Neo What gives value to money? Today, the value of the dollar is not directly related to the value of any other asset. However, not long ago, currencies were directly linked to gold, and this continued until 1971, when in the United States, an ounce of […]

More and more panic! Has Bitcoin really become "gold" in the shadow of the epidemic?

Author: Joyce Source: Blockchain Outpost Although the central bank issued an announcement on February 2 stating that it would maintain market stability during a special period of epidemic prevention and control, and would launch a 1.2 trillion yuan open market reverse repurchase operation to invest funds, A-shares were still almost unsuspecting on the first day […]

Long-term data shows that bitcoin and gold prices remain uncorrelated

Source: LongHash Editor's note: The original title was "Despite all the talk, the price of Bitcoin and gold is still not relevant" As we all know, Bitcoin is regarded as "digital gold", and some people think that investors also see this cryptocurrency as a safe-haven asset in a globally unstable situation. The recent conflict between […]

Will Bitcoin be a harder asset than gold? About value, scarcity, and S2F

Author: Hope (NPC community members) Source: NPC Source Program The halving of Bitcoin block rewards in May 2020 is a hot topic, and each halving is accompanied by large fluctuations in the entire cryptocurrency market. Related to this is the S2F (Stock to Flow) model. This model is not the first time it has been […]

Bitcoin: a digital transformation of hard currency

Hard currency is one of the most famous currency terms used in practical discussions. From political discourses on policy decisions to commentary debates in the financial sector, the term is used so frequently that even ordinary citizens are familiar with it. However, although the concept of "hard currency" is used extensively, and it has very […]

New digital gold, mail, poison, devil, what is the real incarnation of Bitcoin?

Author: Peter Source: vernacular blockchain What is Bitcoin ? Different people will have different understandings. Wikipedia's introduction to Bitcoin entries is an objective description of Bitcoin: Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and global payment system that is the first decentralized digital currency —the system works without a central repository or a single administrator. The Bitcoin network […]

Super-US stocks catch gold? It is up 114% a year, and Bitcoin is still the best performing investment in 2019.

Key point overview Bitcoin prices more than doubled in 2019, far exceeding the 31% return of US technology stocks by Goldman Sachs, which is the best-performing asset class so far this year. A high rate of return may attract the interest of large investors in traditional financial markets with low yields. Executives at data firm […]

US stocks fell gold, bitcoin is farther away from “safe haven assets”

According to CNBC, due to concerns about the global economy, the stock market fell day after day, gold prices rose steadily, and bitcoin, which was once hailed as a “safe haven asset,” was still consolidating at a low level. At present, the Dow Jones index has fallen for three consecutive days, with a drop of […]