Articles of Investment

QKL123 market analysis | The liquidation of the "Mentougou" case is imminent, where is the nearly 140,000 bitcoin going? (0326)

Abstract: The broader market has fallen slightly, the market is clearly divided, and large-scale changes are brewing, and the short-term uncertainty is further increased. The six-year-old MT.Gox case may usher in liquidation, and nearly 140,000 bitcoins are among them. Regardless of the liquidation method, its whereabouts will cause short-term selling pressure on the market, which […]

QKL123 market analysis | The third emergency meeting + unlimited QE support, Bitcoin's response rose sharply (0324)

Summary: The Fed's third emergency meeting in the month opened the end of quantitative easing, bitcoin rose sharply, the US index futures and gold also rose sharply, and the dollar fell. At 10:30 today, the 8BTCCI broad market index was reported at 9217.44 points, with a 24-hour rise or fall of + 10.34%, reflecting a […]

Babbitt Column | Instinct and Evolution, Panic and Reason, Investment Thinking in Epidemics

Living and living better is the ultimate meaning of all human activities in any age. Humans have evolved all the way from the ape-man. There are two instincts that helped humans survive and reproduce, but now they are gnawing at humans: one is the excessive intake of food, and the other is the overreaction to […]

QKL123 market analysis | No turning point in the global epidemic, U.S. stock futures re-melt, Bitcoin linkage down (0323)

Abstract: After the market rebounded for three consecutive days, it continued to be affected by global capital markets. Recently, the market's risk aversion has not diminished, and Bitcoin has largely fluctuated. At 10:30 today, the 8BTCCI broad market index was reported at 8304.92 points, with a 24-hour rise or fall of -7.65%, reflecting a sharp […]

QKL123 market analysis | US stocks have melted for the fourth time this month, and Bitcoin is still converging (0319)

Summary: US stocks have melted for the fourth time this month, and Bitcoin has not been significantly dragged down. After the plunge and stabilization, the mainstream currencies have recently shown a trend of shrinking and converging, and the possibility of short-term changes is relatively high. Observe the differences between the assets, which brings greater uncertainty […]

QKL123 market analysis | USDT premium rate hits record high, red signal or dip signal? (0317)

Abstract: The broader market rebounded after a downtrend yesterday. The USDT premium rate started to fall today after hitting a new high recently. The rapid rise in the USDT premium rate is affected by both the supply-side liquidity limitation and the demand-side capital inflow, but it will gradually decline as the market stabilizes. At 16:00 […]

QKL123 market analysis | Emergency rate cut + quantitative easing again, the dollar fell and gold rose … Bitcoin will welcome the big test (0316)

Summary: Yesterday evening, the Federal Reserve cut interest rates for the second time in a month and launched a US $ 700 billion quantitative easing plan, but US stocks did not buy it, and global capital panic continued. Affected by the news, bitcoin has pinned upwards, but today fell below support and continues to explore […]

How to evaluate the trust of crypto products and services? Here is a map of trust

When people talk about financial services (transactions, storage, lending, etc.) in the crypto industry, they always talk about "decentralization" or "centralization." Crypto evangelists tend to believe that the former is less risky because users can trust assets without trusting their counterparties, thereby avoiding the risk of financial loss due to hacking, misconduct, government seizures, and […]

QKL123 market analysis | Crude oil collapses, stock indexes fall, panic spread … Bitcoin has not been spared (0309)

Abstract: The international oil price has suffered an epic slump due to the double bearishness, exacerbating the panic in the global capital market, the global stock index linkage fell, and Bitcoin has not been spared. Although Bitcoin is classified as a commodity, Bitcoin is relatively independent of oil and has its own cyclical changes. In […]

QKL123 market analysis | Crypto asset license issuance, trading platform South Korea Zhao'an (0306)

Abstract: The broader market fluctuated upward, with Bitcoin standing at $ 9,000, which is expected to continue to test the pressure level in the short term. Since last year, Singapore, Germany, South Korea and other countries have begun or are preparing to issue crypto asset operating licenses. These will help crypto assets be accepted by […]