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OKX and Bybit Rise as Binance’s Market Share Declines Catch Up on the Latest Crypto News!

Latest in crypto Binance experiences significant market share decline, Safe teams up with Sygnum Bank and Coincover f...

LD Capital Macro Review When will Hong Kong stocks start rebounding?

Against the background of the Federal Reserve's halt in interest rate hikes, main global regional funds lowering thei...

Ultimate Bitcoin Investment Checklist for 2024-2025

We will delve into the world of investing in Bitcoin and see what lessons history can provide us.

Institutional funds pouring in $1 billion into the crypto market, how will Bitcoin halving affect subsequent investments?

More and more institutional investors are being attracted by Bitcoin, with over $1 billion being invested in Bitcoin ...

Cryptocurrency Market Weekly Summary (11.11-11.17) Continuous net inflow of funds, BTC ecosystem remains hot

During this week, BTC consolidation has led to a gradual shift of risk preference towards alternative coins. The mark...

MT Capital Insight Application chain migration and economic model updates drive DYDX price wheel growth.

The update of dYdX token economy model requires team, early investors and other token holders to stake DYDX token in ...

In the FOMO market, should you chase after gains? You should pay attention to these 7 trading tips.

Is the bull market really here? Poor performance of ETH, delay in ETF approval, and stablecoin inflow.

Bitcoin Takes a Leap, Shorts Left Squeezed

In the past 24 hours, bitcoin shorts worth over $62 million were liquidated, leading to an increase in prices.

October Cryptocurrency Market Observation The table is set, the bull market feast is about to begin.

The Bitcoin market is ready to start a bull market, with a high percentage of long-term holders and a healthy chip st...

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