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Blockchain in the annual report of listed companies: a comparative analysis of six state-owned banks

The financial industry has always been regarded as the best field of application for blockchain. As a representative of the financial industry, banks have long been concerned about and explored blockchain. In recent years, with the development of blockchain technology and related policy support, the application products on the ground have gradually enriched. At present, […]

The true face of Zhongqingbao's blockchain: no business logic, the actual controller continues to reduce its holdings

Text: Interchain Pulse On March 27, Zhongqingbao (300052) released the "2019 Annual Report", which referred to the "blockchain" 8 times in the full text, 4 times as the backing of cloud computing, 4 times related to a related transaction, but not once. Appearing in the company's strategy or core business, the blockchain business is the […]

Is there any change in the cooperation between the self-built blockchain team of Zhongzhuang Construction and Yange Information?

Text | Interchain Pulse · Yuan Shang On March 17, China Decoration Construction released a news report that its blockchain technology service platform tried its application for the first time and landed on the scene, and went online through the platform and issued its first loan. It is worth noting that Wang Cheng, the chief […]

Weekly development of industrial blockchain 丨 Singapore has built a large-scale landing of a new battlefield for blockchain, Hunan's policy is the most powerful

In terms of industrial policy, Hunan will promulgate a blockchain development plan, and Suzhou Xiangcheng District in Suzhou will cultivate 10 companies with revenues exceeding 100 million yuan. In terms of industrial research, the role of blockchain in "new infrastructure" is prominent, and the country vigorously promotes new infrastructure, which also provides a new battlefield […]

Exploring New Directions for Transformation 8 Listed Companies Refinancing "Patronizing" Blockchain

Source: Securities Daily Trainee reporter Yu Junyi Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, cloud office, digitization, and blockchain have become fiery transformation directions. Many companies are looking for transformation opportunities and have started a new layout. According to the statistics of the mutual chain pulse, since February 17th, the refinancing schemes of […]

23 Listed Companies' Blockchain Subsidiary Surveys: 4 Parents Relying on Parent Companies

Source of this article: Interchain Pulse Author: Kim go car The epidemic is now being aided by all parties, and companies in the blockchain field have already been involved in the fight against the "epidemic" in blockchain aid. The interchain pulse found some worthy figures in it-the blockchain subsidiaries of listed companies. During the epidemic, […]

Blockchain weekly news of listed companies: 2 companies start new business, 8 companies disclose new progress of old business

Inter-chain pulse statistics, only 2 listed companies disclosed the blockchain-related dynamics this week. One is the first blockchain electronic invoice issued by Donggang for Beijing, which provides blockchain technical support; the other is Rendong Holdings and its subsidiaries. Recently, there has been a capital increase to further strengthen bilateral cooperation. Listed company blockchain business trends: […]

Industry Blockchain Weekly 丨 Baidu's financial report mentions blockchain again

"Industrial blockchain has arrived, industry agencies will move towards a more open development model, and collaboration will be closer." In the "Babbitt Industry Welcome Class" on March 1, Huang Butian, the founder of Cloud Elephant Blockchain Say this. Indeed, in the past week, the industrial blockchain is still advancing steadily. In terms of policies, the […]

With a loss of about one billion, the blockchain has become a "lifesaving grass" in China Jiabo?

Reporter: Zheng Yu and Zhang Rongwang report from Beijing Source: China Business News The momentum of A-share listed companies' deployment of blockchain is unabated. Zhongjia Bochuang (000889.SZ), which has changed its main business several times since its listing, has recently included the blockchain in its development plan, and responded to the blockchain business issues raised […]

Industry Blockchain Weekly 丨 Blockchain Squats Will Usher in a Bounce

In terms of industrial policy, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued three documents in succession to promote the integrated development of blockchain and agriculture. In terms of industrial research, Meng Yan pointed out that after the blockchain squat, there will be a big rebound. In terms of industrial applications, the value of blockchain […]