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Market analysis: BTC stabilizes and rebounds, is expected to build a curved bottom

Author | Hash Pie Analytics Team Previous review: the broad market rebounded weakly, the market bulls have not recovered ※ Review yesterday's market analysis and get more exciting content, please pay attention to the hashpie public account (ID: hashpie) to get

The wave of "absolute deflation" of platform currency is coming. How should the exchange make a choice?

This article Source: Odaily Daily Planet , author: the the Platform currency refers to tokens issued by digital asset trading platforms. In the early days of platform currency, it was mainly used for the deduction of fees for the platform, participation in profit distribution, and voting on the platform. Its value is derived from the […]

Data Analysis | Exchange Risk, Exchange Capital Reserve and Platform Coin Valuation Geometry

Analyst | Carol Editor | Bi Tongtong | PANews The FCoin thunderstorm event caused widespread concern. In the last part of our exclusive data analysis, potential thunderstorm victims or more than 2,000 people, per capita loss or more than 25 BTC In this article PAData will further analyze the exchange's on-chain asset reserves and investor […]

In-depth talk about the logic of buying platform coins

In fact, I have been recommending platform coins since the beginning of this year. Compared with the huge uncertainty of mainstream currencies, platform coins are more secure for ordinary users. (Of course, these positions and bitcoins are to be separated). Let me want to write this article because I saw a report: Platform currency's performance […]

2019 semi-annual resumption: extreme night, warm spring, midsummer and the most beautiful expectation

This article Source: APP shallot Author: Yu Wen handsome, Hu Chen In just half a year, even the obvious seasonal change has not been felt, and the market has undergone earth-shaking changes . The bear market in the whole year of 2018 caused the market sentiment to fall to the bottom at the end of […]

"Advance into the summer" or "historical reenactment"

Since June last year, Zhang Jian Fcoin's "transaction is mining" mode, in the dead currency circle detonated a round of platform currency, this year, the platform currency market suddenly turned back. Media reporters have learned that many platform currencies have seen phenomenal growth this year. For example, BNB rose more than 300%, HT rose more […]

IEO re-burns the ring of rich dreams, how long can the dozens of income myths go?

There is no doubt that IEO is the hottest word in the currency. Since January 3 this year, the company announced the restart of Launchpad. In just three months, IEO has not only accumulated amazing wealth, but also pulled the currency circle from the low tide on its own. The players in the currency circle […]