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Governance failure: Maybe arguing about POW, POS who is more effective, is essentially wrong

1. Dispersion of rights Since we are talking about governance, we must first understand what governance is. How did it come about? The word governance is not in the company law at the beginning. In the original individual-owned enterprises and partnerships, there is no word of governance. Anyway, the stakeholders are just a few people. […]

Babbitt Exclusive | Conflux Long Fan: Cross-chain is a subset of the oracle, the core is to let the real world data on the chain

On May 10th, on Conflux Media Open Day, Conflux founder and CEO Long Fan, CTO Wu Ming, and Technical Director Yang Guangqi appeared to introduce the recent progress of Conflux and answered questions from everyone. When I interviewed Long Fan in February this year, he told me that Conflux's goal was to achieve the path […]

PoW and PoS debate: Who has real openness? Who can stay away from the end of thermodynamics?

These two days have produced a great discussion of PoW and PoS in the WeChat group of the Orange Book, which is very exciting. I have seen many valuable opinions from the discussion. Since the WeChat group itself is a very unsuitable tool for discussion, many of the responses were ignored after the discussion. Many […]

Community Governance, PoW Workload Proof and Commercialization

Everyone looks at this year, 360 BC, Qin unified the six countries is 221 BC, the real full attack on the six countries is the previous decade, successively destroyed the South Korea, Zhao, Wei, Chu, Yan, Qi six countries . Ten years unified the world. In addition to the aura of Ming Junying, the greatest […]