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Pivot: Will halving really lead to a rise in the price of the currency?

Financial markets are full of thousands of mature, logically complete theories, but they are rarely feasible in reality. The same is true of the theory of supply and demand that supports production cuts. In reality, it is more likely that the gains in the front, middle and late stages of production cuts will be brought […]

BTC reverse neckline waiting direction volatility implies that bitcoin forward prices will be even higher!

From the perspective of trading strategy, after the double head fell below the neckline and then pulled back to the neckline and the MACD dead fork opening is still down, this would be a short entry point. For short-term investors with long positions, This is also the target of departure. For the future direction of […]

Bitcoin plunged 12%, and futures broke nearly 3 billion. What is the market?

"Hello everyone, I am a newcomer. I bought 100,000 EOS a few days ago. How can I log in less than a few thousand in the last few days? How many thousands are lost this morning? I would like to ask everyone, how much do we need to debit once? Didn't anyone tell me when […]

TOP30 cryptocurrency data perspective: Who is blowing the bull market charge?

In the recent month, the price of the currency has soared, and Bitcoin once rushed to the vicinity of 9,000 US dollars. It seems that many people have seen the hope of the upcoming bull market. In the bear conversion room, who is screaming and whether it is revealing new market trends. PAData analyzed the […]

"Bitcoin will rise to $380,000"? Please think about these issues first.

All success is not a hole in the wind, you have to believe that everything is traceable. – Foreword Recently, the articles on drunken bitcoin and other digital coins have increased. Some of them directly reinforce the "investment holy grail" with the title of "the bull market has begun to appear", and it is concluded […]

Is the change in the number of "bitcoins" searched for a price lag indicator or a leading indicator?

Foreword: People are interested in the clues of price changes. So, what is the relationship between the change in Google search volume for Bitcoin and the price? The author of this article is David Z. Morris, who believes that interest in Bitcoin searches is a lagging indicator. According to Google Trends, the daily search interest […]