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Executives respond to rumors of currency: At Samsung, we all use blockchain

Recently, at the London Blockchain Expo, Samsung executive Moritz Von Widekind gave a speech. Regardless of the content of the speech, there is a question everyone wants to know the answer: Samsung really wants to send coins? Von Widekind is the head of BD and Financial Technology in Europe for Samsung SDS (a global provider […]

Samsung staged a real incense routine, will be issued?

When the news came out, Samsung denied it, but this rumor finally became a reality in February this year. At the Samsung conference, in addition to the highly regarded "cut hole screen" and "super wide-angle lens" highlights, the encryption wallet function added to the Galaxy S10 series phone is more attractive. Although Samsung did not […]

Want to send coins? Samsung is also coming to join in the fun.

From the suspicion of asking for a strong entry, more and more companies are beginning to actively embrace the cryptocurrency. The Zero-Identity Blockchain has learned that South Korean electronics giant Samsung is building a blockchain network based on Ethereum and will issue its own tokens in the future. The work is still in internal experiments. […]

Twitter Featured: The largest brokerage in the US to test bitcoin spot trading; Samsung plans to develop blockchain main network

01 US largest brokerage TDAmeritrade cooperates with Erisx or launches spot transaction The Block reporter Frank Chpano: Exclusive: Erisx is testing the new digital currency (spot) trading market, and TD Ameritrade is the company that seeks to work with it. (Translator's Note: TD Ameritrade has more than 1.2 trillion US dollars of assets and 11 […]

Paving for the currency? Samsung accelerates the layout encryption industry and injects 2.6 million euros into the hardware wallet company Ledger

According to foreign media reports, South Korean technology giant Samsung has invested 2.6 million euros (about 2.9 million US dollars) in cryptocurrency hardware startup Ledger. Image source: pexels According to the French business magazine Capital, the investment made the startup worth about $290 million . A Ledger spokesperson confirmed that Samsung provided support for the […]

Foreign media: Samsung is developing a blockchain based on Ethereum, and may issue coins in the future.

South Korean electronics giant Samsung is developing its own blockchain network and is focusing on issuing its own tokens in the future. According to CoinDesk Korea, a person familiar with Samsung's internal situation revealed that the company's blockchain working group (part of its wireless division) is building a blockchain main network based on Ethereum. However, […]

Oracle Blockchain Vice President: 50% to 60% of companies will use blockchain in the next few years

In the past year, the blockchain has become a buzzword, but that doesn't mean it is not a viable solution for many companies. According to foreign media reports recently, Frank Xiong, vice president of Oracle blockchain product development, said at the Forbes Chief Information Officer Summit that 60% of companies will use the underlying technology […]

The Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile phone is at risk of being hacked, and the security of the encrypted wallet is questioned.

According to Dailyhodl's April 7 report, Samsung's new Galaxy S10 phone is at risk of being hacked. Image source: visualhunt Since the Samsung Galaxy S10 pioneered the integration of the cryptocurrency wallet, it was widely touted as a game rule changer in the cryptocurrency field, but its security was clearly much lower than expected. In […]