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Opinion: How much are you willing to pay for a better social network?

A few days ago, Jack Dorsey announced that he would fund a small team to develop a decentralized social networking protocol. Many people are starting to rethink social networking. At present, the most criticized social platforms should be data privacy issues, and Facebook has become a "evil" party. At present, social network platforms will analyze […]

Social media and ICO false publicity

Floyd Mayweather and Khaled Escape filed suit against ICO investors for fraud According to court documents submitted on May 13, high-profile boxer Floyd Mayweather and music producer DJ Khaled have been sued by investors for fraudulent ICO lawsuits. The celebrities were involved in the ICO of Centra Tech, but the judge ruled that investors who […]

Libra: The ambition of the social empire Facebook

Author: Xu Siyan (Tencent Research Institute Senior Fellow), for suit (Tencent Research Institute Research Assistant) On the afternoon of June 18, 2019, Beijing time, Facebook, the world's largest social networking platform, officially released Libra, a blockchain platform that provides simple and borderless digital cryptocurrency and financial infrastructure services to billions of people around the world. […]

Facebook encryption project Libra surfaced, Visa and MasterCard "take in"

Facebook is recruiting dozens of financial companies and online merchants to help its massive social network launch a cryptocurrency-based payment system. If successful, Facebook may overturn the traditional, lucrative e-commerce channel and may become the most mainstream cryptocurrency application. In fact, Facebook has been under great pressure during this time because regulators, users and shareholders […]

Facebook Appoints Engineering Director of New Blockchain Division or Trys to Improve Social Network Data Security and Related Services

Social media giant Facebook Blockchain Division has newly appointed an engineering director, he is the former Facebook company senior engineer Evan Cheng. In early May of this year, Facebook announced the formation of a blockchain team led by David Marcus, a member of the former PayPal and cryptocurrency board of Coinbase, to study the potential […]