New Credit Card SBC Wallet Cards Built-in Cryptocurrency Hot and Cold Wallets, SoftBank Card 3.0 Goes Live

According to a Bitcoinist report on December 2, Japanese telecom operator SoftBank partnered with American wallet card developer Dynamics to launch SBC Wallet Cards (SBC Wallet Cards, SoftBank Card Version 3.0) with a built-in blockchain wallet.


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Higher security

This card is both a typical credit card and a digital wallet. In addition to the basic functions of bank cards, SoftBank Card 3.0 also has both hot and cold wallet functions; the user interface is very intuitive, and users can access their balances and other information in real time. The card relies on SoftBank's proprietary encryption system, which uses multiple encryption mechanisms.

This card is managed through a special application. Users download the application to handle fiat money, digital currencies, electronic payment services and credit card functions. According to the press release, users can switch between fiat and cryptocurrencies by simply pressing a button on the SBC Wallet Card application. After turning on the wireless module, the card implements a hot wallet; when the wireless is turned off, the cold wallet can be accessed.

The new card reduces the time for batch confirmation, and users can pay and redeem assets in a timely manner. In addition, it integrates IoT chips that can be connected to smart appliances.

SoftBank is Japan's second-largest company after Toyota. The discovery of credit cards with built-in cryptocurrency wallets is undoubtedly good news. The Tokyo-based multinational not only owns a majority stake in SoftBank, British chip design company Arm Holdings, or asset management company Fortress Investment Group, but also holds shares in Yahoo Japan, Alibaba, and Uber.

SoftBank's goal is to change the way of life in Japan and the world through information technology, the Internet of Things, blockchain and robotics.

10,000 Japanese stores accept SBC card payments

The SBC wallet card has received strong support from Japanese agents. SoftBank launched the payment system for 10,000 stores in Japan. Currently, the card is only available in Japan, but SoftBank plans to launch the card in Southeast Asia, South Korea, the United States and Dubai in the future.

The head of the SoftBank SBC project said:

We are not making a simple bank card, but we are creating a flexible and fast application scenario and integrating future payments. The SBC wallet card is different from other encryption cards. Only after using it will you know its black technology.

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